Food Trip Alert: 5 New Restaurants to Try in BF Homes, Parañaque

2. Bucky’s Counter


Just walk up a short flight of stairs from Outrè and you will arrive at Bucky’s Counter. I have been here multiple times and new to the neighborhood as it seems, it has already captivated me with their clean beautiful brews and amazing brownies. Everytime I talk about their brownies I would usually have this rolling-of-eyes expression that my friends know it’s the Marita-seal-of-approval. So yes, raving upon it more. Here is what Bucky’s has to offer:


If you’re a Bucky’s new comer, let me just recommend 2 types of brownie you will come back to every single time: Bucky’s Original made with chocolate and salt; Chunky Blonde (Oats, graham, cocoa liquor) which is a light brownie.


Tried these for the first time: Mayan Spiced Cookies (dark chocolate, espresso grounds and spice) did not know these existed and I’m glad I tried them. Big Poppa (cream cheese, bourbon, bacon and dark chocolate) You got me at bacon. Enough said.


If you want a cold treat: Buckygato which is their version of Affogato (Espresso, choice of brownie and ice cream) and if you don’t like a shot of espresso with your treat get their Waffle Style (MUST TRY)


If you’ve heard of Yardstick Makati’s 12 hour Cold Brew, they are not distributing it through Bucky’s Counter. If you want something hot we recommend their Hand Brew Single Origin Coffee crisp and clean coffee, perfect for a slice of brownie.


If you want something fizzy try their COO juices (They serve 3 flavors) I got their PCR which is pamplemousse, citron, rose, brithgness and fizz. And my favorite Ginger Beer: Stanford x Shaw Ginger Ale. Don’t worry, it won’t get you drunk, and no, it does not taste like ginger, just a hint of it.

Mezzanine Level JJACC BLDG
169 Aguirre Ave BF homes, Parañaque