Food Trip Alert: 5 New Restaurants to Try in BF Homes, Parañaque

3. Outrè

Pronounced as Ooo- trey, it came from the french word which means “weird” thus its unique interiors. Its walls are decorated with vandalism c/o artists and customers of Outrè. You will also see big Liquid Nitrogen containers.


Their menu is very small and simple: Sandwiches, Pasta, Sides and Salads. Everything is good for 1.


You MUST order their Pecorino Frites (Php 130.00) Which are french fries with pecorino cheese on top. It was a hefty serving good for 2. Definitely the best side you can order.


They serve local and international beers. If you’ve never tried Stella, it’s very light and smooth. Goes well with your fries.


Definitely the best thing you can try in Outrè, their Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. They change flavors every month. This month’s favorites were Choc Nut and Mr. Grey (Earl Grey Ice Cream) our favorite was the Mr. Grey since it’s not too sweet!


 169 A. Aguirre St. BF Homes, Paranaque
(Next to Gspot, Across Tous Les Jours) // 3202990

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