Food Trip Alert: 5 New Restaurants to Try in BF Homes, Parañaque

4. Wicked Dogs 


Located almost adjacent to Kantori Yakitori at the old FIC (Fruits in Ice cream) corner. I discovered this really cute place while I was dining in Dusadee Thai which is right next to it. Had to take a peak inside. It was formerly Smokey’s hotdogs and owner entrepreneur JB Potenciano got independence from Smokey’s and made his own hotdog place. So Wicked Dogs is no longer affiliated with Smokey’s.


Small as it is, this hotdog place packs in a good crowd. They swings for chairs and you can play chess or board games though limited, still fun! Opened last February 2015, JB tells us that the concept was originally to serve unique hotdog combinations. Some of their items are real combinations found in different cities from around the world, they just put our own twist on it and supersized them.

Their menu is very simple: Hotdogs with various toppings, local craft beers, sides and desserts. They have 5 specialty hotdogs and we’ll round up our favorite ones!


Top dog everyone loved was the Wasabi Dog: Japanese inspired hotdog with Texas wiener, topped with wasabi mayo, katsu sauce, and seaweed strips. Not a big fan of wasabi but this was our favorite. It wasn’t overpowering and it wasn’t spicy.


Our other picks were the Cachorro Quente Completo also known as the Sao Paolo potato dog. This is a crazy one, so crazy that it worked. Orinally from Brazil, 8-inch cheese hungarian sausage served on a split french bread bun topped with–get this– mashed potatoes, corn kernels, tomatoes, potato chips and finished with cheese sauce. Don’t be scared, try it! Also the No. 5 Dog which is a schueblig sausage tooped with red cabbage, fried wanton, leeks and chili hoisin sauce served with prawn crackers. YUM!


Katipunan Craft Beer, Best Seller Rootbeer float made with Bundaberg and super thick FIC Vanilla ice cream scoop, Churros and FIC pistachio ice cream.


40 Aguirre Ave. Corner E. Ortigas st,
BF Homes Subdivision, Paranaque City, 1736 Parañaque
Reservations Recommended: 02 2469069 ext:196

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