Do You Dare: The Country’s First Game Show Room Experience

The Breakout Philippines team clearly never runs out of creative ideas. They just launched a new concept room recently called Do You Dare, which is apparently the country’s first game show room experience. This team consists of the same creators who brought Break Room Philippines to life!

If you love Break Room and got challenged inside one or two of the Breakout Rooms, you’ll also have loads of fun and excitement here, as well. (It’s best to visit with your family and barkada!)

Do You Dare game show 2

Team Jowa (blue) and Team Gnarly (red) wearing goofy wigs and glasses, which are all provided on set.

A family or barkada of 4-8 people can play and they will then be divided into two teams. Before the game starts, you will be asked to put on name tags, come up with a group name, and compose a group cheer. We, the When In Manila (WIM) squad, played a session and named ourselves Team Jowa and Team Gnarly!

Do You Dare game show 1

Before it even started, we were all excited and hyped up, thanks to the neon lights all over the place.

Each session is about 60 minutes long and consists of different challenges, such as trivia questions, physical challenges, mystery boxes, and more – just like in actual TV game shows. After all, Do You Dare’s games are all inspired by their favorite shows. To make things feel even more realistic, a dedicated host is included in the session.

Do You Dare game show 5

Our host explained everything before the game show started.

Do You Dare game show 9

We’re obviously excited!

As for our team, we started with trivia questions. For this round, Team Gnarly won!

Do You Dare game show 15

Do you dare to blow the candles?

Next up, we played the Candle Blowing Challenge which was hilarious! One player had to wear a stocking on their head and blow a candle held by a teammate. The team with the most number of blown candles wins. While playing this game, make sure to take a lot of photos and laugh non-stop afterwards!

Do You Dare game show 24

We also tried the Blind Maze, which tests the team’s trust and friendship (and listening skills). The goal is to reach the end of the maze with a magnet held by a player on one side. The player on the other side will then guide and give directions. This isn’t easy, especially if the opponents yell out wrong instructions at the same time!

Do You Dare game show 21

It can get serious, too.

Also a nerve-wracking challenge, the Mystery Box Challenge was very unforgettable for us. Each team had to put on a blindfold and guess the mystery items inside their respective boxes, which can be gross or not. Team Jowa got a fluffy horse stuffed toy, while Team Gnarly got shitake mushrooms!

Do You Dare game show 27

The dome is another exciting challenge. Each team had to get as many flags as they could to win. It may look easy, but it’s actually hard to catch flags flying in the air!

Do You Dare game show 7

After every challenge, the leading team will be asked if they’d like to earn more points by spinning the wheel.

Do You Dare game show 33

Team Jowa won!

Team Gnarly’s luck didn’t make it to the end because Team Jowa won with 850 points. They had the chance to play a Bonus Round and get a chance to earn 1000 points and join the leaderboard. Team Jowa didn’t get it; but if they did, they would’ve won a dinner for four at a popular pizza place!

Do You Dare game show 30

Team Jowa playing the bonus round

The games may vary per session and they can customize the games for your team. If you want a specific game for your next team building, go ahead and request it from the Do You Dare crew!

If you’d like to develop some camaraderie amongst your colleagues, strengthen the friendship in your clique, or even just spend your next regular family bonding in an exciting way, Do You Dare is one of the best ways to do it!

FRIDAY – SUNDAY: Php500 per person

Minimum of 4 players. Maximum of 8 players.
60 minute session
Dedicated Live Host

Minimum of 16 players
60 minute sessions
Dedicated Live Host

We heard that they only accept pre-booked games from Mondays to Thursdays. For more information, check out their contact details below. Want to try it for less? Get P500 off your total bill when you book online by using the promo code WIMDYD500. It’s valid until the end of November 2018 so hurry and book now!

Do You Dare

Ground floor, Paragon Plaza, 162 Epifanio de Los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong