Break Room Philippines: A Fun Way to Release Your Stress and Anger

Photos by Caitlin Rodil / Graphics by Maxine Lim

Life happens. Sometimes, you might be so stressed from work that even your soul feels tired. Maybe you just broke up with your significant other and want to break and smash everything in sight. Hold it! There’s actually a place where you can do that without any serious consequences!

We found Break Room Philippines, a room where you can break things (thus the name) to release your anger and stress, or even just for fun – another concept by our favorite Breakout PH team (they recently branched out to the South). Break Room 29

Let go of those emotions by throwing and hitting things with bats, golf clubs, and sledgehammers.

Here’s how it works:

Break Room Graphics 2 01 e1532255127248

First, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Since you will be breaking things, you need to dress comfortably and appropriately. That means you need to wear closed shoes and pants. They’ve got you covered, though, as they also provide protective gear which includes overalls, gloves, safety goggles, and face masks. It’s a very safe facility.

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This is gonna be your outfit, what do you think?

What we like about the concept is that you can bring the things you want to break (but they also provide breakables, of course) as long as it fits through their door.

Break Room 19 1

You can bring old speakers, small fridges, printers – literally anything that you’d like to smash! How about an old phone you’ve had bad memories with?

You can also get a playlist ready to pump up your emotions as you break things. They can play those songs for you in the break room. Just connect to their Bluetooth speaker and they’ll put up the volume! Super cool!

Break Room 3

Some samples of breakables

Now break those things with all your might for 30 minutes! During our experience, we broke some bottles, glasses, and a whole toilet bowl set. It felt so good – and that’s an understatement! The “gigil” released was so therapeutic.

Break Room 15

There’s a platform for you to break bottles and glasses on.

We left happy and all of our toxic feelings were gone, joined with the shards of breakables. It was tempting to break them into even smaller pieces! Oh, and before you leave,  you can save the CCTV footage of you inside the break room and save it on a USB flash drive.

Break Room 26

They provide paper and pens, too, so you can write about your targets and post them on the break wall. Goodbye, insecurities!

You can also send them an email or bring a USB of photos (of your exes, maybe?) that you want to throw things at. They’ll print them out for you there and post them in the room. It may be a bit mean, but it’s also very fun! Plus, they promised they won’t judge!

Aside from stress-eating, working out intensely, and shopping; breaking things at Break Room PH is one awesome way to release all of your stress.

UNHAPPY HOUR RATE (Opening to 5PM): Php300/person (up to 4 players) – A 30-minute session with 6 breakable items (2 medium, 4 small)

REGULAR RATE (5PM to closing): Php350/person (up to 4 players) -A 30-minute session with 6 breakable items (2 medium, 4 small)

You can also get add-on packages for a Quick Release (Php199) with 5 small items and 3 medium items, Stress Management (Php350) with 8 small items and 10 medium items, or Anger Therapy (Php499) with 12 small items and 18 medium items.

Want to try Break Room for less? Use the code BREAKROOMWHENINMANILA to get 10% off when you book on their website until August 31, 2018.

Now you know where to go if you’re stressed or angry!  They assure you that they totally get it and won’t judge if you come back for more sessions.

Break Room Philippines

Ground Floor,  Paragon Plaza, 130 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong

09272571602 / 09288214531

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