Breakout Philippines is Finally in the South!

We’re sure you’ve heard of Breakout PH before (here’s a quick review if you haven’t), the country’s premier escape room game that features exciting themes and storylines inside masterfully designed rooms with puzzles that will test your critical thinking skills and abilities to find solutions amidst time pressure. This is definitely a game for fans of mysteries and puzzles and also for detective wannabes!

Breakout PH 8

#TrappedForever wall is a must on your Instagram feed!

If you haven’t had the chance to try this yet because you live to far from its first branches (Katipunan, Serendra BGC, Paragon Plaza, SM North Edsa and Greenbelt), we’ve got some good news for you: Breakout PH is finally in Alabang Town Center – perfect for the young and young-at-heart of the South! It is their newest branch… and their biggest branch yet!

As with all of their other branches, you have to plan, solve and escape the room in 45 minutes to call it a successful breakout. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside, but don’t worry because they’ve got lockers to keep your valuables safe.

Unlike the other branches that only have 3-4 rooms, Breakout PH Alabang Town Center has 5 rooms for you to choose from: The Town, Super Soldier, The Reunion, Fairy’s Tale, and BFF – all with different difficulty levels.

We tried out two of their game rooms during out visit: the Super Soldier and Fairy’s Tale.

Breakout PH 6

Our game master, Jed, discussed the rules before entering the game rooms.


Breakout PH 11

Before entering the room, we were blindfolded. We were both nervous and excited at the same time!

We felt like secret agents on a mission to help our “brother” access a secret lab and retrieve the “Super Soldier” serum through codes and locks inside the Super Soldier room.

In Fairy’s Tale, we started actually wondering if our grannies were fairies as we sifted through clues, letters and more. Since we would like you to get the complete experience we had, we won’t spill anything else beyond that!

We are proud to say that we survived and escaped both game rooms. It was such a cool experience! Not only will the rooms test you individually; it will also make you learn a lot about teamwork. I gotta say: there’s nothing like bonding while being locked in a room together!

If you’re feeling extra daring and curious, you should try out all of their game rooms. It’s actually best to try them all out because each Breakout branch has different rooms available.

Breakout PH 12

A souvenir photo marks the end of the game and we got success cards to prove our awesomeness! We felt like we really got to know each other because of the game.

Breakout PH 1

The portal that leads to a cool neon room. Hooray for neon photography fans!

Here’s another secret you should know: their almost-real installations of a kitchen in this branch happens to be a “portal”. Yes, it’s a “portal”! Open the kitchen door and you’ll discover a photo wall where you can enjoy an instant photoshoot with your family and friends.

IMG 4036

Any photoshoot ideas?

Breakout PH 15

It really looks like a real fridge!

We also heard that they’ll be installing more of these extra cool portals that will lead to rooms that will make you say “wow” (or maybe even slides) in their other branches soon!

Want a discount on their rooms? Use the code BREAKOUTWHENINMANILA when you book on their website and get a 10% discount on us. Code is valid until May 31, 2018 at all Breakout branches. If you’re up to the challenge of escaping the room by solving logical problems with your friends or loved ones (or if you want to test your friendship just for fun), visit Breakout Philippines at ATC or any branch near you!

The rates are as follows:
Weekend and Holidays Rates (Fridays-Sundays)
For 1-2 persons – P600 per person
For 3-4 persons – P500 per person
For 5-8 persons – P400 per person

Weekday Rates (Mondays – Thursdays)
For 1-6 persons – P300 per person

Breakout Philippines

2nd flr, Alabang Town Plaza, Alabang Town Center