Do Tattoos Make You Uncomfortable?

I have four tattoos. Small ones. And in this generation, that’s not really shocking and it definitely isn’t newsworthy. In fact, it hardly even counts as anything. See, I am surrounded by tattoo-clad people everyday. Most of my friends have tattoos. Heck, even my pole dancing teacher is full of tattoos – from arm sleeves to big tattoos on her legs – and she looks absolutely stunning! In today’s day and age, tattoos have become a form of art and self-expression – something to show people your personality at first glance without having to say a word.

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For some people, though, particularly the older generations, tattoos are still slightly taboo. My dad recently told me about how tattoos were automatically perceived as something bad back in the day. He told me tattoos were reserved for biker gangs and criminals, and he never would have even thought of getting one in his youth. Now that he’s 71 and tattoos have become more acceptable, he jokingly told me that he was thinking of getting one of his own soon… provided he is able to withstand the pain, anyway.

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Despite the slowly-increasing acceptance of tattoos nowadays, though, there are still a lot of people who haven’t embraced it as an art form.

I have had several friends get rejected for office jobs, for instance, solely because of the reason that they had visible tattoos. One of my friends was actually already hired by a prominent telecommunications company when, on his first day at the job, he was told it wasn’t going to work out – just because one of his tattoos was peeking out of his shirt sleeve. (Take note that he was already hired by the company and was working on his first day when he was told this.)

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The thing is: having a tattoo (or several tattoos, at that) doesn’t change a person’s personality, intelligence, or abilities the same way that a scar or a birthmark doesn’t change them. Having tattoos on your body doesn’t hurt anyone else, either. On the other hand, though, I completely understand that some people might still find it unacceptable because of old perceptions or even religious beliefs.

What are your thoughts on tattoos? If you came across someone with a tattoo, would it scare you away or make you feel uncomfortable? Would love to hear your thoughts.