Chocolate Hills: Bohol’s Sweetest Landmark


Chocolate Hills seems to be Bohol’s most famous landmark. Isn’t it the first image which comes to mind when you hear “Bohol”?  It only deserves the recognition for it has been taken cared of over the years. When in Manila, visiting Bohol won’t be complete without seeing the Chocolate Hills!



IMG 0422



Chocolate Hills are true wonders of nature. If you see how perfect the hills’ shapes look like, you can’t help but think they’ve just been lifted from our usual childhood drawings of hills.



IMG 0436



Chocolate Hills are chocolate brown during summer hence the name. It already rained when we went there a couple of days back so the grasses were already green. Now you know when’s the best time to go there!



IMG 0420



A good exercise for the legs to get a good view of the Chocolate Hills is worth it as you’ll get to take good shots of yourself and your family with the Chocolate Hills in the background!



IMG 0447



Bohol tour is definitely a must try if you want to see our country’s natural beauty! You can score the best Bohol tour packages on August 10-12 at the SMX Convention Center during the Philippine Travel Mart 2012!



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Chocolate Hills are eye candies to travelers. When in Manila, visit Bohol now!




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Chocolate Hills: Bohol’s Sweetest Landmark