The Belle De Jour Planner is What Every Powerful Woman Needs

I’ve always been OC with my planners. I’ve become so dependent on them to keep my life as organized as possible. It all started in college when my mom encouraged me to schedule my activities on a daily basis since I had a lot of extracurricular sidelines back then. Ever since my first year in college, I never stopped using a planner every year. I have had a total of eight planners in my life so far; and no, I don’t just put it on display. I actually fill in each and every space of it until the last page.

My most battered planner was this 2018. Literally all of the space in my planner had something written on it due to my numerous events. You can say that keeping a planner can be addictive, especially to someone like me who wants to keep everything as organized as possible.

During college, I used the university planner from the creators of BDJ. It helped me efficiently manage my class schedules since we didn’t get to have a handbook to track all of our assignments. After graduating, I tried so hard to find the perfect planner for me. I didn’t resort to BDJ at first because I wanted something minimalist and low maintenance. I used to find BDJ too overwhelming in terms of content, so I usually resorted to boring planners at the bookstore.

This year, I went to BDJ’s planner launch in Estancia at Capitol Commons and got myself their Belle De Jour Power Planner. I also got my mom one and I got my boyfriend a Navi Planner.

The launch was centered on women empowerment and I got the chance to hear Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkie speak. There were different booths at the event, too, such as a crafting booth (where I broke my wallet due to the cute finds), a glitter tattoo booth, and a few photo booths.

After the event, I went home with my new planner and examined it thoroughly. They say that women change as they age and I experienced it firsthand while browsing through the planner’s pages. It has what every #GirlBoss needs in a planner!

Though I am no girl boss, I must admit that every single page is useful. It has a period tracker, a budget tracker; even empowering quotes here and there. I also love how each planner comes with a coupon booklet filled with discounts for different establishments around the Metro.

Of course, being a planner-obsessed person, I took a sneak peek into my boyfriend’s Navi Planner, too. I love how the Navi fuels its user’s wanderlust with its pages alone. It has a complete guide of different holidays in our country, so you can plan your leaves easily. It also has a vintage traveler vibe, making carrying it around easy and fashionable.

What sets this planner apart is that it helps you set a goal for the destinations that you want to visit making you really work hard for the vacay that you deserve!

My Belle De Jour Power Planner completely changed my outlook on planners and it definitely amped up my organization game, too. How about you? Will you be getting the BDJ Planner? They’ve got other planners, as well, that might suit your needs and lifestyle better, but we’ll write about them in another article.

Belle De Jour Power Planner


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