Make 2016 a Powerful Year with Belle De Jour Planners and Products


Belle De Jour recently held the BDJ Veterans’ Night at Marco Polo Ortigas where they gave us a glimpse of their new products for 2016. They’ve got lots of new products that can definitely help anyone increase their productivity! Here are 5 ways on how Belle De Jour can help us make our 2016 a powerful year.


5. Be creative.

Have you always wanted to explore a new craft? It’s never too late to give it a try. Go ahead and pick up that brush, pen, camera, or whatever your weapon for creation is, and let your ideas flow! While you’re at it, maybe the Belle De Jour Forget-Me-Not Ideas Journal can help you out. The dotted pages of this journal can guide you as you bleed your imagination through the paper, allowing your ideas to come to life.


4. Take risks and take on new responsibilities.

It’s very common for us to say, “new year, new me” and it’s as common as breaking it by February. On the upcoming year, why don’t we keep track of what we want to happen? With the BDJ Project Management Journal, we can keep track of our deadlines, objectives, and task lists. Taking on new responsibilities entails risks, but we can lessen the fear of these risks by keeping our to-do’s organized while setting our goals straight.


3. Plan an adventure.

Life cannot be all work and no play. With your goals, projects, and tasks already planned out, give yourself a treat by visualizing your next adventure! The Navi Planner can help you in making your year more adventurous by providing suggestions of things you can do throughout the year. Make it a 2016 goal to cross out a lot of bullets from your bucket list!


2. Make your life extra colorful.

We encounter trials and challenges to prepare us for something bigger and greater. Let’s not treat these life events as downfalls. Instead, let’s look at it as blessings in disguise so that our outlook becomes more positive which, in turn, gives us a radiating glow. Make reminders, due dates, and scheduled meetings look a little less stressful! The colorful pages of the 2016 Belle De Jour Power Planner can lessen the stressful stigma of your noted brain-draining agendas.


1. Create and collect memories.

All of the products mentioned above (and many others you should definitely watch out for!) have one purpose: organizing, noting, and collecting your 2016 moments. Whether it’s something as mundane as a company or school meeting or as exciting as an out of the country adventure, these memories make up your year and it’s nice to see them documented. These Belle De Jour journals are not only worth every penny, they’re worth every memory, too.


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