Get Inspired By These Nine Female Extraordinaires from Belle De Jour Women’s Summit 2017

You can, and you will.

How many times have you heard of this? And how many times have you actually believed this? We know this has become a cliche, but encouragement never goes out of style and we will always need good words to keep us going.

Especially for females, who are slowly inching our way to fighting for equal rights in our society. And part of that journey are several campaigns and projects that promote women’s power and significance in the world. And one of those events that highlight this is Belle de Jour’s Women’s Summit 2017 that happened last March 25 at the SM Aura Samsung Hall.

BDJ Women's Summit

Ladies of all ages gathered to learn more and get inspired by the summit’s influential speakers, coming from all walks of life but all together hand in hand in empowering women of their value, inner strength, and purpose.

BDJ Women's Summit

Check out all the happy faces of the guests while listening to the speakers!

Here are some of the lesson we’ve bagged home after the event, coming from our favorite inspirational ladies:

Always, always look the part.

Abbygale Arenas emphasized the need to look the part, no matter what. If you’re dressing for the occasion and has the right amount of confidence within you, it will show — and you’ll be able to pull off any look you want to show the world. We know, inner beauty and all that. But doesn’t feel 100 times better if you’re looking great outside, too?

BDJ Women's Summit


Work hard until you achieve that purpose in life.

Jodi Sta. Maria knows this all too well. With her staying power in the ‘biz after how many years in the entertainment industry, it wasn’t until recently that she got the biggest blessings in her career. She started starring in her our TV shows and movies, and has been nominated in an international award-giving body. Surely, all those sweat and tears are worth it, and everything is worth the wait, especially if you have been working very hard on it.

BDJ Women's Summit


Believe in yourself.

Hidilyn Diaz once doubted herself that she can achieve her goal of getting a medal at the Olympics, after her eventual fail in London 2012. But she thought, if she isn’t going to persevere and believe in her power, where will that take her? So she set her mind that she’s gonna get that prize, and after four years — yes, you know that. The rest is history.

BDJ Women's Summit


Maximize what you have.

Rebecca Bustamante-Mills started as a katulong. And she proudly shares her life journey to everyone. What she did, to achieve her CEO status right now, was maximize what she had in hand.

Instead of partying like her other PFW friends during their day offs back then, she used it to study or to work on another job. Until finally, she was able to save enough to start her own business. Which grew — and here she is now.

BDJ Women's Summit