Ants Bakery: Home to Amazing Cookies, Pies, and Cakes

I baked a lot of cookies and cakes during ECQ just like the rest of the world did. While the world is in chaos, I tried my best to brighten up my days; and so far, it’s been working out a lot for me. Sadly, my baking days are over. As we transitioned to the General Community Quarantine, I had to go back to the office despite the risks.

Good thing I discovered Ants Bakery and their overly delicious cookies, pies, and cakes! They were able to deliver to my office where we have been staying for a week – quite comfortably, if I may add (we also got tested and all). Now and then, we dip into our dessert stash c/o Ants Bakery to satisfy our sweet cravings while working hard.

Anyway, the owner told me that Ants Bakery started because of her mom’s deep passion for baking. Her mom loves feeding the whole family with amazing food and now, they want to share the joy of experiencing her mom’s creations. She said that her mom’s happiest when her food makes others happy.

Family and friends loved her creations and would often order from them during special occasions and holidays. Due to high demand, they decided to open a bakery café called Cooking Mama along Balete Drive back in 2009. It went well, but they had to close it down to focus on their main business. Even then, people continued to look for their signature baked goodies so they continued selling them to their avid customers.

Now, they are expanding their operations through social media to satisfy our cravings. Now, their regular customers and friends can order their yummy selections online.

They just created their Instagram and Facebook pages, too; so let’s show our love and support local! <3

My current favorites are the White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies because their milkiness reminds me a lot of pastillas. The milky taste is so potent that it feels like she used powdered milk instead of flour. Just kidding… but CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? It seems sinful, but it’s not because it’s an oatmeal cookie. So, that’s justified. I’m sure once you try it, you’ll end up wanting more than just one. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s so good.

On the other hand, my officemates love the Chocolate Walnut Cookies. There’s a crazy amount of nuts and chocolate in them!

In second place is the blueberry pie. I love it because of it’s not too sweet and it’s PROPERLY made. I’ve tasted a lot of blueberry pies that leave a sour/tangy aftertaste from the lemon. If cooked properly, it should only enhance the taste of the blueberry filling and not ruin it. THIS PIE, THO. It’s perfect. The crust, the cheesecake, and the toppings all work together. Apparently, this is their bestseller!

In third place is the Dark Decadent Chocolate Cake. The cocoa dusting on top got ruined (just a bit) during transport, but it didn’t distract me from the real deal underneath. I wish I could take a better picture next time, though. I’d order this again because it’s moist, chocolatey, and oh so worth it!

Not included here but also the real deal are the Pesto Wheat Bread and the Spinach Artichoke Dip (which go SO WELL together). Some of their upcoming products are the Carrot Cake and the Banana Bread. They’re also working on perfecting recipes for new cheesecake flavors.
They cater to anywhere in Metro Manila. Here’s their menu for reference:

Ants Bakery

Unit 7, #72 11th St., New Manila, Quezon City



Instagram: @ants.bakery

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