Anne Curtis’ Beauty Tips and John Lozano’s Fashion Makeover for a Red Carpet Ready Summer!

When In Manila get a summer makeover from head to toe as P&G Beauty & Watsons Ready for the Red Carpet Summer gives beauty tips that covers all the essentials in looking great even with the rising temperature.
Olay ambassador Anne Curtis sat down with host Kat Alano to talk about her beauty secrets, especially now that the scorching heat is taking a toll on our skin.
Anne’s secret number one: She uses Olay Natural White Cream. Anne boasts about its SPF24 that protects her skin from the suns’ harmful rays whiles also moisturizing and keeping her skin fair. Its spot corrector also evens out her skin – concealing uneven skin tone from the past, while keeping present features in tiptop shape and also protecting the skin from future problems caused by the sun’s rays.
anne curtis
Anne’s second beauty secret: For her to get that no make-up look without the extra effort, she suggests using  Olay Natural White Instant Glow Cream. It makes her skin two times fairer with radiance that’s perfect even without putting on foundation. I’m actually a fan of both creams, I’ve been using them for some time now and I could say that not all promises are meant to be broken. 😉
Fashion Stylist John Lozano was also present that day to give four lucky girls a summer makeover! He even gave tips on fashion, hair and make-up that are just right for the hot months of April and May.
For petite girls, he made use of what I avoid – long skirts. I always used shorts to make me appear taller, but he flawlessly broke the rule and turned the negative to positive. With the model’s skirt almost near the feet area, he made sure to have her wear high heels making her appear taller without showing too much skin. For taller girls, mini dress accentuates your height and long legs. Teens that want to make an impression without being overly sexy can make use of a crochet sweater over a tank top. Mom’s can also be a fabulous head-turner while still looking elegant with a pretty floral dress!
He also suggests using Pantene Colour & Perm Collection with a special formula that preserves your hair’s vibrant color and maintains your curls’ bounce in top shape and quality, keeping beach ready hair healthy and all set for the summer. I want to have my hair colored and permed at the same time but I’m afraid it’ll get all dry and frizzy, plus the weather isn’t exactly helping, so knowing about this is like saving me from having disastrous summer hair.
If you can’t avoid the heat, then just dance with the sun. So When In Manila, remember that there’s no need to shy away from fun! Go with the flow and enjoy the heat, all while staying gorgeously youthful! 
So then, Till Next Time!
Event Photos without watermark are from P&G
Anne Curtis’ Beauty Tips and John Lozano’s Fashion Makeover for a Red Carpet Ready Summer!

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