9 Apps Every Traveller Should Have

Travelling can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you aren’t very experienced. If you are travelling in the Philippines, you are just one of the 542,258 visitors since 2016 started. According to the Department of Tourism, there has been an influx of tourists this year, most of which come from Korea, United States and Japan. So, if you want your travels to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, here are some apps that can help you during your travels.

9 Apps Every Traveller Should Have

9. Hotel Quickly

If you can’t find a nice and cheap hotel online, Hotel Quickly is your perfect aid. It will help you find a hotel faster than you can say ‘quickly’. They even have special in-app rates and you can choose a place depending on your location or budget.

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8. PackPoint

If you always over-pack or forget things. PackPoint can help you organize everything based on the days of your travel, weather, destination and planned activities. You can also share your packing list with the people who will be joining you during the trip.

9 Apps every Traveller should have

7. Airbnb

Travelling alone or in a group, but don’t have any accommodations yet? Airbnb could become very handy for you as you can rent a single room, a number of rooms or even a whole house through it. Just input the location, number of people, kind of accommodation and budget that you have, so it can customize a search for you.

9 Apps every Traveller should have

6. PH Moutains App

If you like hiking or mountaineering, then the PH Mountains app is for you. It has information about mountains on it, including maps, photos, videos, heights of the mountains, estimated times of hikes, weather, reviews; and can be for beginners, intermediates or experts.


5. Localeur

No one knows places like the locals. Well, the Localeur app helps travelers get the authentic experience that each place has to offer. It gives a list of where to eat, drink and play. You can also suggest and vote on suggested places in the app.

9 Apps every Traveller should have

4. Waze

Traffic varies and it is sometimes hard to find the places that you want to see. Waze can help you locate those places and give you the easiest route to outsmart traffic. Waze is actually a community where every member can help in giving alerts to other drivers.


3. SkyScanner

Flights can be very expensive. Fortunately, SkyScanner can help you find the cheapest flights for different airlines and destinations.

9 Apps every Traveller should have

2. Uber

If you don’t have a car to drive around, Uber is pretty handy. With just one push of a button, you can get a ride to bring you to any of your desired places. Just make sure to check the surge as the prices varies depending on the traffic and volume of requests.

9 Apps every Traveller should have1. Foodspotting

There is no better way to explore a place than through its food. Foodspotting will help you find the best dishes through its app. The community suggests food, adds photos and even places reviews. You can find restaurants by rating, location or specials.

9 Apps every Traveller should have

So there you have it: apps that will help your travel become easier and more enjoyable; from packing your bags to going around your chosen destination. Keep in mind that some of these apps might need Internet access, though, so don’t forget to connect to a wireless Internet connection or turn on your handy data connection in order to use them.