Best Apps – The Most Essential Apps to Use When In Manila

Best Apps – The Most Essential Apps to Use When In Manila


When in Manila, better be sure to load up your smartphone with the best apps that are highly useful and reliable to make you tech-ready, whether for business or pleasure.


Best Apps

From L-R: Guest List, ClickTheCity, Rappler and I M Ready apps


Best Apps for Getting Around

From the airport to anywhere in Metro Manila, you can bet on Uber for arriving in style: sleek black car and a chauffeur in uniform. Uber is an American transportation network company that provides mobile users with safe and comfortable private car services. Just this year, it added Manila to its list of over 70 cities and 27 countries that it operates in. First-time Uber users must first register through the app with a valid credit card, a mobile number and an email address. Uber transactions are cashless, which makes it a more convenient ride.

To put it simply, your ride from the airport will comprise of a few taps on your phone, a short wait, and a nice and comfortable ride on a clean and well-maintained private car. Once you arrive at your destination, just get off the car and thank the driver. Uber will automatically charge your credit card and will send you an email receipt of the transaction. What a breeze!

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Best Apps

Uber is most useful in airports as Metro Manila terminals do not allow regular taxis to enter the Arrival Area to pick up passengers. Uber, however, has a limited number of cars in its fleet at this point, so getting a ride during rush hour can be a challenge.

That leads us to GrabTaxi, Manila’s first and largest taxi app, and one of the best apps that allows smartphone users to book taxis using their phones. GrabTaxi is the unpolished sister of Uber. It uses existing taxi units to form part of its fleet of vehicle networks. It charges a fixed rate of P70 booking fee for every transaction, and payment is made in cash.  You get to ride on a regular taxi that sometimes comes as an old, dirty and dilapidated unit.

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How’s the Weather

For weather and traffic information, gear up with IMReady app, developed by GMA News and Public Affairs as an advocacy campaign in partnership with Waze, Google and government agencies like PAG-ASA, the weather bureau. IMReady by far is the most comprehensive resource for public safety information. This essential app covers traffic information on major and minor roads more than what its forerunner, the MMDA Traffic Navigator can.

What’s happening

When in Manila to shop, eat or party, the ClicktheCity app covers almost everything hip and happening- from restaurants to movies, from shopping information to food deliveries and ongoing sales promotions. It also displays updated show schedule on local TV and cable channels, concert and play schedules and other arts and cultural events.

Best Apps

To get a grip of the burning issues of the day, Rappler app has a mood meter that gives you a clue of the socio-political mood of Filipinos based on stories that made it in the headlines. You’ll find this essential app helpful when you need to break the ice before starting a meeting or when meeting new friends in a bar.

And when wanting to dance the night away, one of the best apps for party habitues is the Guest List, a social nightlife app that can give you free access to exclusive clubs. It has an extensive list of Manila’s coolest events in the hottest venues. Check it out!



Best Apps – The Most Essential Apps to Use When In Manila