GrabTaxi App: Safe Taxi in Manila

GrabTaxi App: Safe Taxi in Manila

When in Manila, you’ll often hear heaps of horror stories about taking public transportation here! From buses flying off bridges to thieves and kidnappers in buses and jeeps! Of course, taxis in Manila have their fair share of commuter horror stories.

Either way, when it comes to traveling, safety should be your number one priority. There should really be no price to your own safety, or that of a loved one. Taxis in Manila have had their share of bad press, from small problems like foul smelling seats, to driver problems where they jack up their rates, all the way to extreme horror stories of kidnapped taxi passengers!

Here’s a short list of the few Taxi Scams and Taxi Horror stories has been aware of and been able to report:

Knockout gas in cabs

Another report of sleeping gas in cabs

Taxi plate number switch scam

Airport taxi scam 

Rude taxi driver screaming at passenger 


So with all those taxi horror stories in Manila, AND SO MUCH MORE, why risk your own well-being or that of a loved one?

Don’t you wish there were some sort of way, or app, that can send safe taxis your way? Something that can allow you to commute in Manila without the hassle of having to haggle for prices with the driver, or have problems with the cleanliness of the cab, or have to worry about your safety?

Sharing you my first experience on booking a taxi using GrabTaxi App:



The app was so easy and convenient to use! All you have to do is:

1. Download the GrabTaxi App.

2. Book a cab and tell them where to pick you up.

3. Ride with the feeling of safety.

Here is what the app would look like on your phone as it shows the different cabs available and where exactly they are on the map and relative to you, in REAL TIME!



The Grab Taxi App on Android Google Play and the Apple iPhone App Store

As a first timer, the app sent me an invitation code to ensure my number’s authenticity and for the driver to get in touch with me as well.

Typing in the point of origin and the destination I wanted to go to was easy. It would allow me to select my ride of choice between the regular and the executive type of service vehicle.

It was not that difficult to find a cab near my place for the first time. I even called the driver to know exactly where I was so I could tell him the landmarks going to my place.

 grabtaxi-app-safe-taxi-in-manila-cab-philippines-wheninmanila-ph-mnl6 grabtaxi-app-safe-taxi-in-manila-cab-philippines-wheninmanila-ph-mnl5

You’ll see the GrabTaxi app approval stickers, meaning that this cab and the driver have been screened and deemed safe 

When the driver arrived, he was so polite and when I got in the vehicle, it was then the meter was turned on. I added P50 on top of the metered fare (a booking fee for drivers to be able to cover their expense in going to where you are).

In addition, her are few extra tips to remember when booking with GrabTaxi – based on my experiences:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection and your GPS is working well.
  • If you can’t find an available driver, just keep trying.  There are a lot of GrabTaxi partner fleets around the city.
  •  If you find a driver, don’t expect him to call you (sometimes they don’t have load) so you will need to be the one to call him for additional information if needed.
  • There’s a booking fee of P70 for non Globe subscribers and P50 for Globe subscribers.
  • If you think they really made an effort, let’s say finding your secluded location, give an extra tip.


Again, here are the simple steps  you need to take to start taking safer and more convenient taxi rides around Manila.




When In Manila, and hoping to have a safe ride to where you need to go, then get the GrabTaxi app and ride in confidence! Have a safe trip!


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GrabTaxi App: Safe Taxi in Manila


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 GrabTaxi App: Safe Taxi in Manila