Knockout Gas in Taxi Cabs: New Modus Operandi?

Knockout Gas in Taxi Cabs: New Modus Operandi? 


The following was an email from one of our readers. Please leave a comment below if you have heard of this type of modus operandi or if you have any more info about this. Please also share to warn others:


Sir/Ma’am, I would like to relay an event that happened to me on Sept. 28, 2013 to serve as a warning to others. I am also hoping that this incident be investigated.

At around 8:50PM, I left my aunt’s place in Tambo, Paranaque and hailed a taxi in MIA Road in front of Park n Fly. When I got in the cab, I noticed that it was stifling hot inside as the driver had the aircon off. After I have settled in, he turned the aircon on and I noticed that the air blasting out from the vent smelled funny…and then I saw the driver put a piece of cloth in front of the vent. After barely 5 minutes, I felt nauseous… light-headed… I could barely breathe!!! I immediately felt too weak and felt as if I were going to pass out… I told the driver that I forgot something and had to go back. He said we should drive back to get it. We were nearing a stop light then and luckily, it was on red and the driver had to slow down. With all of my remaining strength, I yanked open the door and ran for my life!!!All I can remember is that the taxi is white and had the plate number TYK830. The driver is in his mid 50s and was balding. If yo u can do something to investigate  and prevent this from happening again, it will surely save a lot of future victims. Thank you so much!!!!

by reader. 


New Taxi Modus: BE CAREFUL. Please Share


Please leave comments below if you have heard of this or if you have any information about this kind of new modus operandi. We have advised our reader to contact the proper authorities and to report this incident immediately. 


Knockout Gas in Taxi Cabs: New Modus Operandi? 

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