8 Advantages (And Disadvantages) of Being a Hypochondriac

Are you the type of person who digs deep and constantly uses Google to diagnose what you’re feeling? And if you have a severe headache, you’re sure to have a brain tumor, just because the Google results say so? And, despite your doctor’s assurance you’re relatively well, you still think you’re sick?

If your answer is yes:

advantages of hypochondriac

As described by most medical dictionaries like www.nhs.uk, a hypochondriac is a person who is constantly worried about having a serious illness. Furthermore, a hypochondriac usually self –diagnose and self-examine him/herself to determine if s/he has one. In Psychology, it is called “illness anxiety disorder.” Although it’s hard to see and understand the advantages of being a hypochondriac, there are some factors that lead to positive results.

So, without further ado, here are the advantages of being a hypochondriac.


1. Hypochondriacs value health

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Hypochondriacs are proactive. In fact, every symptom is an emergency case. Case in point: I constantly seek medical help, even though, the symptoms aren’t as serious as I expect it to be. However, my being persistent and through constant consultation, some diseases or conditions such as thyroid problems (leading to cancer ) and PCOS were discovered. Thanks to my proactiveness, I was able to treat it right away.

2. Hypochondriacs have high regard in ‘self-awareness.’  

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We take extra precautions and extra care in keeping ourselves healthy and fit. I know someone who jogs every day just to make sure her “serious illness” does not get any worse. While I don’t exercise regularly, I try to follow a proper diet. I also feed my empty love tanks by reading, baking, and chatting with friends.

3. Hypochondriacs have a steady supply of medications, vitamins, and supplements.

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We never ran out of vitamins and supplements. We have the necessary medications needed for ourselves, our children, and even medicines for others inside our purses.

4. Hypochondriacs are always informed and updated about medical news and breakthroughs. 

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We are quick to research new treatments and medication often faster than medical professionals. If you need a home remedy or a medical question, a Hypochondriac is sure to know.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to being a Hypochondriac. Here are some of them:

5. Hypochondriacs may have a difficult life

Evidently, due to our obsessive thinking, living a normal life is difficult. It affects my relationships and ability to work efficiently and effectively.

6. Hypochondriacs have a bigger chance of developing mental illness and depression.

Hasn’t this been true for you? If you’re a hypochondriac yourself, you’d understand that if we don’t get the results we wanted, we fall into despair and depression. Unfortunately, there are a number of cases where hypochondriacs have high chances of committing suicide.

7. Hypochondriacs have the tendency to be wasteful.

If you don’t have a health card, it may cause you an arm and a leg for every ER or doctor visit, only to find out you’re well. I used to spend thousands on laboratory and series of tests. I sometimes do not notice that my savings was depleting. However, as I mentioned above, through those lab tests, I was able to find out my thyroid issues.

8. People think we are crazy or just overreacting, so they don’t believe us. 


It hurts, but that the truth.

Being a hypochondriac is hard to control. It requires deep understanding, acceptance, and love from family and friends. While meditation and yoga can help alleviate being anxious, it’s still difficult to live in this world full of ambiguity.

Are you a Hypochondriac? Let’s compare notes by commenting below.