Women with PCOS: 5 Ways to Induce a Period the Natural Way

While some women cringe whenever THAT time of the month comes near, there are those (like myself) who celebrate the visit of ‘Aunt Flow’. Because women with PCOS don’t get it for months or even years, being “on the rag” is a luxury.

Yes, it sounds absurd, but it happens. Because of its medical issues that go with PCOS, women tend to be irritable and cranky. And one of the many ways to keep sane is to indulge with chocolates!

chocolate and pcos

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age. But the most common definition of PCOS is women with amenorrhea, an abnormal absence of menstruation. Because of irregular flow of menstruation, it’s difficult to be fertile and bear a child.

As stated by the Obstetricians of UCLA, “PCOS is characterized by overproduction of the androgen testosterone, menstrual abnormalities when ovulation does not occur and enlarged ovaries containing multiple small follicles (polycystic ovaries).” (Source)

Additionally, women with PCOS experience irregular menstrual periods alongside other symptoms like excess hair growth, acne, and in some cases, obesity. Consequently, women with severe PCOS could develop its complications such as Type 2 Diabetes (resistance to insulin), cervical cancer, and heart disease.

Fortunately, there are known ways to naturally induce your period. Well, at least for me, it worked. Although, it is always better to consult your OB-Gynecologist about it first.

Here are 5 my ways to help induce your period and regulate the hormones in our body.

5. Fertility or Regular Massage

fertility massage

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How to do this? It’s pretty easy! So, while you’re lying down comfortably on your bed, gently press and massage your lower abdomen in a counter-clockwise motion to stimulate blood flow to the uterus and promote good circulation to your ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

4. Manage a Balanced Diet

Healthy Foodie Manila

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Actually, acquire healthy meals if need be.

Changing your diet can help regulate your period. Too much sodium (salt) consumption can worsen menstrual bloating and swelling. This is because excess salt leads to fluid retention in our body, which only helps to worsen that uncomfortable feeling of bloating.

Avoid the following food:

  • Dairy
  • Soy products
  • Trans and hydrogenated fats, from cooked oil, margarine, and processed foods (Source)

Therefore, consume healthy food that is rich in carotene like apricots, papaya, carrots, spinach, and peaches. They help make one’s period come faster. Another factor to consider is to have an adequate Iron intake. Iron is pretty important for ovulation and producing healthy eggs. If you are low in iron, you can boost your intake by choosing grass-fed beef and lots of dark leafy greens.

3. Vitamin C is AWESOME for the body!

vitamin c foods

Drinking Calamansi juice, eating mangoes and other food and supplements that are rich in Vitamin C can directly influence your menstrual cycles.

This is because Vitamin C gives your body a BIG boost in producing estrogen, which can build the uterine lining, make the uterus contract and promote regular menstrual periods.

2. Exercise and maintain HEALTHY weight

Ladies who have an excess number of fat cells in their bodies have a tendency of high estrogen flowing. The opposite goes for women who are too skinny, and most of the time these estrogen levels are not enough to bolster their menstrual cycle. Hence, maintaining a healthy and ideal weight is an important part of regulating our menstrual flow. You can achieve this by adjusting your diet and exercise.

yoga myslim

What worked for me was doing a 20-minute Yoga video for beginners. It’s just about stretching and releasing anxieties. If you want to really focus on your PCOS, you may want to check out EchoYoga in Makati.

According to studies, women who exercise to the fullest extent have much lower levels of estradiol, a sex hormone that helps to keep the body from ovulating and maintains a regular menstrual cycle.

1. De-Stress Yourself and Manage an Active Lifestyle.

Anxiety can make your periods more agonizing and influence your menstrual cycle in different ways: it can either change its duration or delay your period. This is because if you are affected by stress, your body releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline which prevent the release of your fertility hormones and disrupt your menstrual cycle. Figure out how to manage stress by exercising regularly, with daily walks or deep breathing sessions.

banana beach davao tagum hijo estates

Or grab some vitamin “sea.” (Taken at Banana Beach Davao)

You can also try having a spa day, whether at home or in an actual spa, just to let go of the day’s stresses and what not. If the schedule (or budget) is elusive, try sparing yourself from the daily chores.

benefits of me time

Read a book and have some “me time.”

There you have it! Tried and tested natural ways to induce your period. Once again, the above-mentioned natural ways worked for me, which I hope might work for you too.

Have you got other ways to naturally induce your period? Let’s exchange thoughts by commenting below.