6 Personalized Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are a fan of going the extra mile and giving out personalized gifts, there are many shops that can help you give out unique gifts for the upcoming holidays. These gifts may be different for every age, personality and gender. Here are some things you can check out as you get ready for the Christmas season.

6 Personalized Gift Ideas for Christmas

Custom Thread

If you have a fashionista friend that wants to be unique, Custom Thread can help you make personalized style items. With this online design generator, you can choose what kind of clothing, color and design they’d like. Usually, it will take them a minimum of 5 days to produce your order; but if you shop extra early, you won’t have to worry because they’ve got you covered! customthreads

The Kase

Looking for a gift for a gadget geek? A personalized phone case, tablet case, laptop case or even a powerbank can be a good idea. The Kase is a mall-based store that offers personalization for different gadget cases. It is actually super easy to customize because they have iPads in the store, which you can use to choose a gadget, color case and design from their gallery, your own gallery or even from social media. From there, you can then see your order get printed and voila – all ready and packed in a cute little box, and ready for gift-giving!

Create your own gadget case with The Kase

Look It’s About Me

The most important person you should give gifts to are the kids; but because there are so many things you can give them, it has always been hard to think of anything unique. Why not make them a star of a story? Look It’s About Me customizes storybooks to make kids the star. You can choose an adventure and gender, and change the names of the characters as needed!


Personalized Accessories

Your kikay friends will love you if you give them a personalized accessory that can step up their OOTDs! Personalized Accessories is an Instagram shop, so you just have to choose a product and tell them what you want engraved on your chosen necklace, bracelet or keychain.

Strut your style with Personalized Accessories


Everyone loves bags and customizing them makes them even more special. Cocooni sells leather bags that can match any style and they can print initials or names on their cute totes, too! They can also make leather bagtags engraved with anything you want!

Cocooni Leather Bags

Storytell Prints

Everything is digital nowadays, but it is always nice if you can share memories through old school prints. Storytell Prints can help you preserve memories by printing photos on Polaroids, magnets, booklets and anything else you can think of.

Storytell Prints

Be the Santa everyone loves and make sure that you give unique gift this Christmas. Is your Christmas list ready? If not, check out these cool personalized gift ideas ASAP! It is never too early for Christmas Shopping!

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