Where to Get Great Quality Customized Jackets in Manila: Personalized Shirts, Jackets and More from CustomThread

When In Manila and looking for that extra oomph, something a little more unique, check out CustomThread.
CustomThread is a company that can personalize anything and everything including jackets, shirts, uniforms, you name it! They can even do bags and umbrellas! The whole experience is personal, every step depends on your every preference. From the design to the materials used, CustomThread gives you the choice.

“Our team gives our users the control on creating their clothing from scratch, giving them the freedom to change every detail of their orders. Powered by the advancements in technology, we have created user tools and design app for an easier and trouble-free experience for our clients – whether it be design creation, collating orders, or asking for quotations, we have it through our web portal.”

After learning about the brand, we decided to try them out and lo and behold: The When In Manila Jacket!
That’s my sister wearing the comfy jacket.
Back details.
Now keep in mind that the When In Manila website looks like this: 
Can you believe how amazingly similar everything is?
Down to the last detail!
The CustomThread website gives you the power to make your own designs in an easy and fuss free way.

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