Paper Pliers: Customized Bookmarks For Every Personality

Paper Pliers: Customized Bookmarks For Every Personality


When you’re cozied up in your favorite spot, great book in one hand and a beverage of your choice on the other, wouldn’t you love to have a bookmark that suits exactly who you are?

Paper Pliers by Anrea Sahagun specializes in creating handmade wire pieces that speak volumes about yourself. From bookmarks to bracelets, and even wall hang-ups, Paper Pliers can do it all! You can also have cute little trinkets added on to match your personality, whether it’s a puppy, a ballerina, a camera, a laptop, or even a skull!

What’s not to love about these pieces? They’re beautifully made, AND they’re all done by hand. Anrea, who learned wire-writing by accident, has done over a hundred wire pieces since last year, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop soon.

Usually, Anrea employs modern or classic calligraphy in her wire pieces, but be forewarned: she enjoys a good challenge! Take a look at what we challenged her to make (and how AWESOME it turned out!), as well as other bookmarks that each have their own personality.


paper pliers wim 1 For the discerning gent — a modern calligraphy take, with skull and dice trinkets. 

paper pliers wim 2

A Paper Pliers bookmark is also a really great gift idea for your little sister or girlfriend! 

paper pliers wim 3

One of the designs we had made… perfect for the young, fearless wanderluster eager for adventure!

And the most challenging of them all…

paper pliers wim


We just have to say we were completely blown away by how she pulled off the When In Manila logo! While Anrea admits to taking more than a few tries to get things right, the end result is perfection. If this isn’t an indicator of how talented she is, then we wouldn’t know what else would come close to this.

Get a Paper Pliers piece for yourself, for your home, or as a gift for a friend or loved one. We guarantee that you won’t regret it!



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Paper Pliers: Customized Bookmarks For Every Personality