GIVEAWAY ALERT: Perfect Comfort Everyday with Cocooni Leather Bags

Once I saw the little cracks in the top hem of my synthetic leather bag, I knew that it only had weeks left to live its life in full. In it’s defense, it lived from my first year in college (2011) to present day (2016). So, it has definitely reached way past its lifespan.

In its final weeks of usage, I dedicated a few minutes of my time surfing the net for the perfect leather bag that can be used everywhere, whether in the office or a simple day out with your friends or special someone. Because leather is the solution to avoid living in the fear of your bag one day breaking down on you.

So, when I came across a brand called Cocooni Bags, my interest was piqued at the sight of their simply structured designs. And at the knowledge that it can carry my heavy laptop without worries. I wanted my hands on one of them.

Cocooni Everyday Leather Bags

Cocooni Everyday Leather Bags

Derived from the word cocoon, Cocooni Bags serve the same purpose as a butterfly’s homeprotecting and enveloping your belongings. And with the tagline “Everyday leather pieces,” you’ll be assured that their every product will match whatever lifestyle you uphold.

In my case, I almost always don’t leave home without my laptop, and I’m ecstatic to always be in the comfort of it resting well inside my Monday Tote. Its sangria color matches with my wardrobe so there’s limited fuss in trying to coordinate it with my everyday get-up as well.

Cocooni Everyday Leather Bags

Apart from their bags and other leather accessories, Cocooni also offers other leather services like customization and stamping. Perfect for those who want to add that little touch of personality into their products. It’s also perfect for gifting this holidays as personalized anything is all the rave now!

Cocooni Everyday Leather Bags

Needless to say, Cocooni has been good to me and is now my go-to bag for almost everyday! If you want to check them out for yourselves, you can either get in touch with them online or by paying a visit at their booth at the POP! by Retail Lab at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell! They also have upcoming bazaars from October to December as well like the LGV Sunday Market in QC and the Cuenca Bazaar at Ayala Alabang Village.

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, they’ll be holding a contest for those of you who want to spoil yourselves or for those who want to give something durable and stylish to their loved one! Enter here below!

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To get to know Cocooni more, you can even check out their social media pages down below:

Cocooni Bags

Why don’t you have something from to complete your bag essentials?


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