Avalon.ph : Fashionary and Field Notes Products Ideal for Different Writers

When in Manila and in search for the best books and notebooks in the market; Avalon.ph is the online shopping website for you. Avalon.ph has been one of the longest running online shopping websites here in the Philippines. In fact it has been in the online market since 1999 and has now managed to provide quality products for readers and writers alike. Rare, signed and collectible books and comics, Moleskin items, and of course Fashionary and Field Notes items are what Avalon.ph offers.




Lately I’ve been browsing through Avalon.ph and found the most suitable items for me as a sometimes-fashion-blogger and creative writing student. It’s true that nowadays bloggers and writers work online, but when we go to events or find something noteworthy, we need the handiest materials to write our thoughts and inspirations on.

Avalon.ph gives us the best materials for these writings. Items from Fashionary and Field Notes are my best bet. It’s only Avalon.ph that features these items exclusively and for that I am thankful.




Avalon.ph’s Fashionary is named as such because it’s a fusion of three words: fashion, dictionary and diary. It’s a handy sketchbook for your sketches and pegs, it also serves as a reference to the fashion lingo (words and illustrations) and it gives a number of pages for your drafts, plans, drawings and journal entries. It’s really the best product for the fashion savvy!

Avalon.ph has recently launched its newest addition in the Fashionary family, the Fashionary planner. If the sketchbook amazed you already, well this one will make your jaws drop even more. Avalon.ph’s Fashionary planner is an organizer and a fashion reference provider in one! It’s definitely ideal to fashion enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and fashion students alike.

Both Avalon.ph’s Fashionary sketchbook and Fashionary planner are sleek and professional looking outside. Inside is blank (aside from the fashion references, of course) to give space for your colorful scribbles and cutouts.

Just look at these beautiful pages done by Fashionary owners:


Original creations by Fashionary sketchbook owners





Fashionary sketchbook has pages for your pegs, sketches and outfit ideas.




A Fashionary planner owner’s busy schedule. 




If you’re not much of a fashionista, well don’t fret! Avalon.ph has Field Notes items for you!

Different kinds of Field Notes notebooks to cater different occasions




Field Notes is a product from the U.S. made available in here in the Philippines by Avalon.ph. It may look simple and frail but it actually boasts of its durable covers and pages. It’s what you say “small but terrible” in the notebook world.

Field Notes notebooks are there to assist you even in your most vigorous and hectic day


Avalon.ph ‘s Field Notes items are ideal for journalists, bloggers, travellers, writers and such, who need a handy and durable notebook to write their thoughts on. I guess its name truly suits itself because it’s best for those who “work on the field” and must jot down something immediately. 

National Crop Edition for the foodie writer




Expedition Version for the travelling writer (water resistant, 450 Php for 3 notebooks)




Field Notes memo pad for the journalist




Avalon.ph has surely caught the fashionista and writer in me with their Fashionary and Field notes products; that’s why I’m giving away some to my readers in tinthescribbler.wordpress.com! Make sure you visit my ASAP for the giveaway. 🙂 (Fashionary Planner GIVEAWAY entry HERE)

Overall, Avalon.ph, being an online shopping website for readers and writers, offers more books and notebooks to cater your personal preferences. If you wish to know the prices and other editions of Fashionary and Field Notes items, visit their website here:











You can also know more about their other products in their FB and Twitter pages:










*photos from Avalon.ph










Avalon.ph : Fashionary and Field Notes Products Ideal for Different Writers


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