Look It’s About Me: Personalized Storybooks for Kids

When in Manila, we all want to be a star of our own story.  As a child, we once wished to be the princess, the heroine or the mermaid who always saved the day on the storybooks that mom and dad used to read us before going to bed.


How nice it is to read a book with your name printed on it? Your own adventure book where you are the star, and the heroine (or hero).  Your name printed in shiny, colorful pages of a book with drawings of friendly animals and cheerful aliens.  Then you can exclaimed, “Look It is About Me!”

Imagine my surprise when I came across the site – Look It is About Me! It is a site which offers personalized storybooks for kids. I explored the site and it serves like an online fairy godmother making every kid’s dream come true!

The Look It’s About Me was born from the ideas of  Tatiana Pena Montenegro and Kathleen Assad Lamata who both love to create stories for their daughters. It is amazing how they make every kid a star of his/her own storybook. I am itching to order one for myself. 



I love that the website is so easy to navigate. The design made me think that it is hosted in the US – probably because I only see this kind of products from US sites, and Look It’s About Me is truly a unique and first of its kind in the Philippines. 

1. Registration

First thing first, you must be a registered member to be able to order a personalized book. Simply register using your internet address. 


2.  Choose Your Story

Once registered, you can choose a story based on the 5 pre-designed books:

  • My Super Duper Birthday Party (for boys and girls)
  • My Great Space Race (for boys)
  • My Great Space Race (for girls)
  • My Underwater Adventure (for girls) – new storybook recently released
  • My Magical Christmas Adventure (for boys and girls)

If you find it hard to choose which adventure to choose, you can even browse through the pages of the book and read the story. Flip through the pages and see how your kid’s name will be printed on each page. 


How will I know if Look It’s About Me can really give a magical and unique experience for the kids?! The only way to find out is to order a book. So I did. I ordered a book for my 8-year old niece. I chose the newest story adventure – My Underwater Adventure.  

3.  Personalize it!

I filled out an online form –  I typed in the kid’s name, last name, date of birth and country of residence, and of course – the nickname, which will be used through-out the book (maximum of 15 characters). Boys and girls with long names will still get to experience living their own adventure with Look It’s About Me!

How does Look It’s About Me provides a personalized book and experience for the kids? Well.. you have to see below. The form asks for the kid’s talents and names of two of the child’s friends. Depending on which book you will be getting, you might even be required to fill out two more additional fields that ask for relatives/friends names. Of course, I want to be part of my niece’s story – so I typed my name. 


 Tatiana and Kathleen do know how to complete a magical experience. A story may all be fictional, but reading about a kid’s talent printed on the book will also boosts the child’s confidence and make him/her connect with the story more. Adding characters named after the people that the kid knew will also create a familiarization that will provide a more personalized experience for the kids! The thought makes me excited! And I would be seeing my name in a book! Spell awesome!

4.  Gift-wrapped Books


The experience of ordering and choosing the perfect story for your kid or nephew/niece, or godson/goddaughter is also a lot of fun! Look, I even ordered two books. 




You can even request for gift-wrapped books for minimal fee (Php80.00)


 5. Books Shipment

Customers have the option to have the books delivered (for a minimal fee of Php115) or for pick-up. I personally prefer delivery of goods to save time and money.  

Look It’s About Me also ships internationally. Just choose which country you want to ship the item to and the Shipping Fee will automatically update. 

6. Payment Method

The site only accepts Bank Deposit or Paypal Payment.  This makes me more secured about the site, as there is no need for me to enter my credit card details.  

For those who will pay over-the-counter, the banking information will be displayed on the next page. The same order confirmation and payment information will also be sent to your email.

A confirmation note will also be sent to the customer once the payment is received from Look It’s About Me. 



Look It’s About Me has the most responsive customer support I have experienced so far. You immediately receive a response from your inquiry. I wish these kind of service will be consistent. 

Communications and emails are also sent  for order and payment confirmation, as well as delivery. Even the emails are personalized! It makes me more excited to see the books!


 Click Page 2 to see pictures of the storybooks!


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