50 Things We Wish We Could Tell People Who Are Always Late

We’ve all been late to something at least a few times in our lives, none of us here are infallibly punctual. But there’s a difference with occasional tardiness and habitual lateness. When someone shows up to every set schedule, every arranged meeting, beyond the time that was agreed on — well, that’s just infuriating. So here are 50 things to say the next time you’re made to wait for someone:

50. Do you know how to read the time?

49. Just cause “everyone is always late” doesn’t make it okay.

48. There’s nothing wrong with being early.

47. The saying “money is time” is more than just a metaphor, you know.

46. Late ka nanaman?

45. It’s rude to keep people waiting. 

44. You would probably be late for your own wedding. 

43. So, what’s your excuse this time? 

42. “Filipino Time” is not just a trait, it’s a flaw. 

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41. Hindi ka cute. 

40. You know, we have traffic apps now that can tell you how long it’ll take to get to places. 

39. We also have commuting apps that show you the way and time it’ll take to reach somewhere. 

38. In this age of technology, you’re really running out of excuses to be late. 

37. A set meeting time isn’t just a “suggestion” but something you actually have to follow. 

36. Nakakainis na. 

35. Do you even realize that you always show up late? 

34. Do you even care?

33. It’s not okay to make someone wait. 

32. No one likes making plans with you.

31. Yes, traffic is bad. It’s always bad. 

30. If you know traffic is going to be bad, why don’t you leave earlier? 

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29. Mauuna pa pasko sayo.

28. Why didn’t we just plan to meet at a later time if you knew you wouldn’t be able to make it? 

27. Please don’t lie and say you’re “on the way” when you’re obviously still at home. 

26. Not everyone revolves around your life and your schedule. 

25. Why don’t you have any sense of urgency? 

24. Isn’t it embarrassing to always be late, all the time? 

23. Kaya hindi umuunlad yung Pilipinas. 

22. If it takes you so long to get ready …why don’t you start getting ready earlier? 

21. Maybe we should start giving you a fake time to meet up. 

20. Your phone has the time for a reason. 

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19. Are you lazy or are you just thoughtless?

18. You’re wasting my time.

17. Sanay naman ako.

16. No, it is not normal to be running on “Filipino Time”. 

15. Maybe you should set alarms for everything you need to do. 

14. What do you get out of being late? 

13. Is there anything in this world you would actually be on time for? 

12. Did you know that being late means forcing people to wait on you? 

11. Sometimes, it’s more considerate to cancel plans than to keep people waiting. 

10. Hindi ka nakakatawa.

9. People know you as “the late one.”

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8. How did you survive showing up to class on time? Or work?

7. Are you this inconsiderate with everyone, or is this a special case?

6. Sometimes, sorry just doesn’t cut it.

5. Is it inborn? Genetic? Something you’re not capable of changing?

4. Maybe it would be better if it wasn’t actually something you could control and were just born with.

3. But it’s not — being late is a choice.

2. And making that choice reflects on you as a person.

1. It also shows exactly what you think about everything and everyone you’re late for. 

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