10 Subtle Filipino Traits that Only Pinoys and Pinoys at Heart can Relate To

Words by Meldrick Tin

Throughout the years, Filipino culture has established a unique and distinctive identity of its own that sets itself apart from different cultures and ways of life. Passed down from generation to generation, it has long been ingrained in our hearts and minds the values of respect—as seen from our culture of saying “po” and “opo“—and close family ties, among other many Filipino values that we have grown to love.

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While we already have our own traditional Filipino values, we also have the very subtle ones—the ones that do not necessarily scream #PinoyPride but still, in one way or another, contribute to our own unique culture and identity. These 10 really subtle Filipino traits are only relatable if you’re either a Pinoy or a Pinoy at heart!

10. Starting the Christmas season festivities as early as September


Starting September 1 of every year, the Filipino people and the entire country in general just seems to automatically transform into a more Christmas-y and festive vibe. Christmas songs are already being played in malls and restaurants, Christmas gifts are already being bought by titas of Manila, and Christmas decorations are being set-up everywhere! Christmas really is more fun in the Philippines.

9. Dipping your bread or pandesal in coffee for your breakfast

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It’s such a Filipino thing to dip your bread, like pandesal or monay, in your hot, scalding coffee when having breakfast in the morning or meriyenda in the afternoon.

8. Using a pail and a tabo when taking a bath


When taking a bath, a lot of Filipinos still prefer the traditional pail and tabo way of showering. You scoop ice-cold water from the pail with your tabo, or otherwise known as a bath dipper, then pour the water all over your body!

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7. Hoarding all the toiletries and other free stuff when checking in a hotel


When checking in a hotel, Filipinos love to hoard all the toiletries, like the hotel shampoo, soap, toothbrush, comb, and other whatnots, and the other free stuff like hotel slippers. Sometimes, Pinoys also call the reception area just to ask for more freebies and come home with a bag full of it!

6. Using an arinola to avoid having to go to the bathroom midnight

Photo from thepinoywarrior.com

Some Pinoys use an arinola, also known as a chamber pot, when they have to urinate during the wee hours of the night just to save themselves from the hassle of having to stand up and go to the bathroom just to pee!

5. Bringing your trusty White Flower oil everywhere you go

Photo from Shopee

Filipinos love bringing their White Flower oil everywhere because it’s known to help cure any illnesses you can think of! When you’re feeling under the weather, use White Flower oil. Fever? Headache? Tummy ache? Yes, the addictive minty scent of the White Flower oil just seems to be the solution to all your troubles.

4. Dropping hugot lines everywhere


Filipinos just love to drop hugot lines. For some reason, Pinoys just love to hugot in whatever given situation even if it’s not related at all!

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3. Playing “Nanay, Tatay, gusto ‘ko tinapay…” a lot when you were a kid

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I’m pretty sure every Filipino has played the “Nanay, Tatay, gusto ‘ko tinapay…” street game at least once in their life. It’s such a catchy song while paired up with the matching hand gestures.

2. Giving pasalubong to all your family and friends whenever you have a trip out of town


When Filipinos go out of town, one thing on top of their to-do list is to bring home some pasalubong for their friends. Whether it’s as small as a souvenir like a key chain or a ref magnet, or something as grand as a new pair of shoes, Filipinos just love to hoard a lot of stuff to bring home to their family and friends.

1. Being proud of all our kababayans’ achievements from all over the world #PinoyPride


Be it in singing, dancing, acting, or whatever achievement a Filipino has accomplished overseas, Filipinos are always proud of their own people and heritage.

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Which of these Subtle Filipino Traits can you relate to the most? Share it with us in the comments section below!


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