LOOK: This Store in the Philippines is Selling a Tabo for 365 Pesos

I once wrote about Amazon selling tabos for 400 pesos and I tried to somehow justify the price in my head by telling myself that people abroad don’t have tabos, so they must be hard to come by. So, imagine my surprise when I saw a store right here in the Philippines selling one for 365 pesos!

Oh, but this isn’t your ordinary tabo, apparently. No. Aside from being clean and simple (aka plain white), the store claims that the angle of this tabo’s handle makes it lighter and, in turn, easier for users to scoop water with. See the post here:


To be honest, I’m intrigued and would love to know if there really is a difference when using this tabo versus our ordinary cheap tabo. 365 pesos to not feel as much pressure on my wrists when I wash myself? Hmm… Would that be worth it?

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