5 Reasons Why You Should Invest On Good Workout Clothes

Getting in shape is not just about the discipline and hard work. More often than not, it’s clothing that makes or breaks a great workout routine. Yup, your workout clothes do more than just make you look good. Did you know that wearing the right material can increase the efficiency of your gym sesh?

Well, if you’re still thinking twice on whether you should invest on good workout clothes or not, here are five reasons why you need proper active wear in order to hit your fitness goals!

  1. They motivate you!

According to a 2012 research by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky, clothing affects our behavior and our actions. The process is referred to as “enclothed cognition”. Hence, if you are wearing proper workout clothes, you become more active and sporty because your brain associates these clothes to fitness and physical activity.

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  1. They give you confidence.

No need to worry about potential fashion disasters because with proper clothing, you can move freely and properly. Admit it, wearing a new workout top makes you feel better and stronger than the usual tee. When you know you look great, the confidence flows allowing you to focus on your exercise better.

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  1. Longevity of clothes

Believe it or not, investing on good workout clothes will actually save you a few bucks. The products’ high quality can last years of rigorous training as compared to the usual leggings and T-shirt. Plus, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your casual wear when you have clothes specifically for working out.

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  1. Best fit and support

Girls, we all know how difficult it is to stretch, bend, jump and whatnot without proper chest support. With a good sports bra, you can comfortably complete 30 minutes of running in the treadmill and even 3 sets of burpees without boob-related worries.

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  1. Your performance is better.

Proper workout clothes do not only make you look good, they also let you perform well. Sports-specific wear enables you to unleash your maximum potential and performance when working out since they provide support and allow free movements. Compliment the hard work and dedication you exert when training with your gym apparel. Go on and do those squats!

If you’re on the look for high quality workout clothes that will help you achieve your fitness goals, we have got the right brand and products for you. Flux Movement PH is a local brand that specializes in functional yet stylish active wear. They believe that a strong woman needs an equally strong workout companion.

Hence, they have Flux bras with adjustable straps, removable pads, and double dri-fit lining that will enable you to make the most out of your fitness routine and will keep you covered and comfortable no matter how you like to sweat. The bras are available in cute and comfortable styles, high-energy colors, and different sizes for only 750 pesos each.

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Aside from that, they also have 2-in-1 Yoga & Mat Straps that will make going to and from the gym easier for you. Their collection of apparel will surely make you look forward to hitting the gym and working on your dream bod no matter the season!

So whether it is for breathing exercises or running miles, Flux active wear will flow with you. Do check out them out!

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