5 Reasons To Have a Staycation in Citadines Salcedo Makati

Have been so tired these past few days. Never ending work at the office, work at home, school on the weekends yada yada. Though aren’t we all When in Manila? The mission was simple: a. I need to find a Hotel for the weekend to stay at that can give me relaxation without leaving the comforts of Makati (as I do business/go to school there) b. Staycations are usually boring as there is not much to do in the vicinity. I need a place with life. I was scouring the internet one review at a time and I found Citadines Apart’ Hotel (Serviced Residences), I have never stayed at a serviced residence before but learning that Citadines was a part of the Ascott group really set the bar on my expectations for the weekend and let’s just say, it was more than met. 

Here are the 5 reasons why you should have a staycation at Citadines Salcedo:

5. It’s Located Perfectly at the Heart of Makati City.


Its conveniently situated at the heart of Makati in Salcedo Village: walking distance to the Central Business District and conveniently near cafes such as Toby’s Estate and Wildflour Bakery and Cafe.

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It’s also walking distance to a number of bars such as Hooch and 121 Grille and bar


I personally opted not to bring my car because all of the places I needed to go to were all walking distance from Citadines. I was happy with my decision because it was hassle to find parking around makati, but if you do intend to bring a car, Citadines does have available parking.

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