12 Local Podcasts You Should Follow for All Kinds of Topics

Need something to binge on during your downtime and you’ve already watched all the trending shows on Netflix? Podcasts are the next big thing! If you still haven’t explored the world of audio shows and you’re ready to get into it, here are a few of our recommended podcast shows that revolve around a variety of topics.

PS. This list is not in any order.

12. Parang Di Ko Yata Kaya

This super relatable podcast is hosted by Eldrin & Jade and they mostly talk about “figuring things they’re still trying to figure out.” If you’re someone who isn’t entirely sure about a lot of things, you may find this podcast close to heart.

Some of their episodes include talking about resigning, saying no, living abroad, and even issues such as mental health, the vaccine, and parenting. They’ve also invited a number of guests to their show such as Reese Lansangan (on creativity), Sam YG (on rest), and JP Habac (on confessing your feelings).

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11. KPoppin’ Your Cherry

If you’re a certified KPop fan, this up-and-coming podcast should be on your radar. The hosts include two unnies who are experienced in the KPop world, plus two maknaes who just discovered KPop after a year into the quarantine. So, whether you’ve been a KPop fan since the first generation or you’re just starting out, this podcast is for you.

They talk about the “great, the not so great, and the controversial side” of the KPop world. They also have song recommendations plus serious discussions on the most pressing issues in the KPop industry. We love a well-rounded show!

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10. The Poor Traveler

While we’re still waiting to get out and travel, listening to podcast travel shows just might appease our wanderlusting hearts. This Pinoy travel blog-turned-podcast talks about everything about traveling smart. From travel hacks, safety, tips, and even visa application guides—they talk about it all!

The show also includes some recommendations on destinations, an interview with an immigration officer, making friends on solo trips, and even tips on how to landi when traveling!

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9. The Court Room

This podcast hosted by Theo and Odj is a mix of true crime and your favorite courtroom shows. They talk about some of the Philippines’ landmark cases, scandalous crimes, and political controversies.

If you’re also quite interested in getting into law or you just want to understand how the law in our country works, this podcast also explains court rulings in a way that even a nine-year-old would understand.

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8. Jump Thru Hoops

Aaron Atayde and Jinno Rufino host this podcast about all things basketball in the Philippines. They have such a wide variety of episodes all revolving around the sport, and if you’re a huge basketball fan, you’ll definitely feel the hours melt away while you listen to their entertaining banter about basketball.

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7. 5 Minutes Social Media Tips With Neil

Are you a social media marketer or an aspiring social media influencer who’s looking for some kind of free training? This podcast will help you! Hosted by Neil Dimapilis, a Filipino digital marketer, you’re sure to get lots of insights on how to maximize social media for your career.

It’s also such a huge bonus that each episode is less than 10 minutes long! It will only take up a short amount of time, but it will definitely be massively helpful in the long run.

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6. Purposeful Productivity Podcast

Since most of us are in a remote or hybrid work setup, it can be a struggle sometimes to stay productive. If you have the same dilemma, this podcast is for you.

This podcast shares insight into the science of being productive in a way that is sustainable. It’s all about productivity without burnout. “In other words, productivity that puts people first.”

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5. Song in Focus

Hosted by singer-songwriters Acel and Denice Lao, Song in Focus is the music podcast that breathes new life into the OPM songs you love. Each episode talks about the intimate details behind your favorite songs, from cult classics to fresh tracks.

They’ve had guests such as Sponge Cola, Yeng Constantino, and This Band who shared secrets and juicy details about some of their hit songs.

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4. Third World Gaming

Love gaming? You’ll enjoy listening to this game-centric podcast while you’re playing your favorite games. They talk about anything related to gaming from the Pinoy perspective—from the newest games available to streamers to follow and even insights on healthy gaming.

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3. Please Pause

This podcast is for anyone who loves to watch anything. Hosted by married couple Mike and Ham, this podcast contains their musings and insights on both movies and TV shows.

Whether you love the latest K-Drama or you just watched the latest Pinoy indie film, you’re definitely going to love their wide variety of episodes. They’ve also invited a number of Filipino directors to talk about their own movies!

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2. Philippine Campfire Stories

If you’re a fan of horror stories, mythology, and urban legends, this podcast will definitely keep your heart racing. With a variety of stories narrated in Tagalog, this podcast will remind you of all those horror stories from your childhood, plus some new scary ones, and will even give you some insight into local legends and myths.

It’s the perfect podcast for Halloween!

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1. Family is The Answer

This podcast is a great one to follow if you’re planning on adopting or if you’re just genuinely curious about adoption in the Philippines. The podcast aims to share real stories, information, and resources that will help you understand adoption and foster care, especially in the country.

It also gives everyone an opportunity to seriously consider adoption for their families as well, and understand the situation of abandoned children in the Philippines.

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Mysterium After Dark

For talks on supernatural, new age, and all topics in between, this podcast is worth following. Whether you’re well into the supernatural or you’d like to dabble in the topic, this podcast hosted by Rob Rubin has episodes for you. It ranges from well-thought-out insights on many supernatural subjects to practical tips and tricks.

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Young Money

This is WhenInManila.com’s very own podcast hosted by social media influencers and business entrepreneurs Daiana Menezes and Vince Golangco. In the podcast, the duo talks about career opportunities and pieces of advice, in case people want to follow their footsteps.

“On the Young Money Podcast, you’ll meet different amazing guests every week. We’ll grind them about their journey towards financial freedom and personal success. We’re going to get a step-by-step guide on how these entrepreneurs started out, and how they got to the top,” says WheninManila’s CEO and Young Money Podcast host, Vince Golangco.

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What’s your favorite podcast show? Share it with us!

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