Song In Focus: The Music Podcast You Should Listen To

Did you know that the very first version you probably heard of Sponge Cola’s Jeepney was a leaked live performance? Or that Yeng Contantino initially wanted to go punk rock for Hawak Kamay? All these and more were revealed on Song In Focus, the newest music podcast you should listen to.

From OPM’s most iconic artists like Silent Sanctuary, Sponge Cola and Yeng Constantino to new blood artists like Clara Benin and Blind Stereo Moon, the Song In Focus podcast has revealed many interesting and juicy details behind the country’s biggest hits.

Hosted by singer-songwriters Acel and Denice Lao, each episode talks about the intimate details behind your favorite songs, from cult classics to fresh tracks. With new episodes coming out every Friday, there are a myriad of new things to learn from the show beyond music fun facts. Told from the point-of-view of the writers of the hits themselves, Song In Focus goes through the rollercoaster of emotions your favorite songs have lived. The show also features a segment called “Focused Sessions” where the hosts share their take on the meaty interviews with the guests. 

Listen to the full episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and more. Check them out on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube at @songinfocus to be updated on the latest episodes and to see more interesting stories behind your favorite tracks! The Song In Focus podcast is produced by Passion Fruit Collaborations and Payong Musikero. 

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