10 Things To Do On Long Holiday Weekends

10 Things To Do On Long Holiday Weekends 

Long weekend coming up soon? This is a great opportunity to take the time and enjoy the freedom from work or school.

Whether it’s just enjoying the long weekend on you pajamas watching movies at home or going on a roadtrip, it is a great time to unwind and recharge. To help you our, here are 10 activities that you can do on a long holiday weekend.

10. Go on a personal retreat.

Rarely do people think that going on a personal retreat is something worthwhile doing on a long weekend. However, it can be deeply satisfying to disconnect from all the distractions and stresses of the daily life to recharge and start anew.

On one long weekend, why not turn off the TV, your computer, and your mobile phone? Just get in touch with your inner self. Detoxify. Cleanse. Find balance. Search for peace of mind.

If your home isn’t devoid of distractions, you can choose to disconnect at a serene place like the Farm at San Benito in Batangas. It’s just a couple of hours away from the city but it can provide you the perfect location to reflect and do things that you usually put off like reading a good book. Get a good night sleep for a few nights without thinking of the alarm clock or worrying about work the next day. 


The Farm at San Benito has three-day or four-day promos, or those that can go longer up to six days, you can check out here when you plan on going on a personal retreat.

Big Lagoon


This simple process can transform the long weekend into an activity that gets you in touch with your inner self so you can put your priorities in order. Going on a personal retreat might not seem fun at first, but it can help relieve worries, make you a healthier, and give you energy to handle the stresses that may come along in the future.

9. Step back in time and more.

If you want a little piece of history to enjoy over the long weekend, Corregidor is just a couple of hours away from the city via ferry. You don’t have to spend a long time traveling, but you get to be in some place that is totally different from the concrete jungle. You can go to Corregidor through Sun Cruises, you can also book a tour and accommodations through them.



What are the things you can do in Corregidor aside from learning history?

You can watch the dramatic sunset at the Battery Grubbs with Bataan at the background.

If you’re into something scary, you can explore Malinta Tunnel at night and do some ghost-hunting.


You can sweat it out and try some physical activities like going on a zipline or exploring the entire island by foot. You can hike around the island and discover great views.


You can also relax and enjoy the shore.


Learn the importance of Corregidor during World War II and enjoy what it is at present by visiting this quaint island over the long weekend break.

8. Hotel staycation in the city.

Spend your long weekend relaxing in a cool hotel in the metro. Many hotels usually offer long weekend staycation promos. You can book a nice room, enjoy hotel services, and still get good discounts.

Greenhills Elan When In Manila -13

Greenhills Elan When In Manila -2

Greenhills Elan When In Manila -62

Fairmont Hotel Makati offers a “Weekends and Special Holidays Escape” where you can get 15% to 20% off at their best available rates. Crimson Hotel Manila has a “Southern Weekend Experience” that can give you a long weekend break down south. Greenhills Elan Modern Hotel has a “Weekend Delight” promo that gives you discounts on the Superior and Executive Suite when you stay a minimum of two nights from Friday to Sunday.

7. Chill in Baguio.

Enjoy the cool breeze of the country’s summer capital, Baguio, and more on the coming long weekend. Book a nice hotel with the view of pine trees and ambiance of cool mist to have a fresh holiday vacation. 

The Manor Camp John Hay Baguio Hotel Le Chef Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila-41

The Manor Camp John Hay Baguio Hotel Le Chef Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila-116

Head out to the chilly city and have a food trip. There are many dishes that you can try in Baguio like some awesome pizzas, baby back ribs, cheesecakes, and more.

Amare la Cucina The Forest Lodge Camp John Hay Baguio City When In Manila  Mae Ilagan-3

Amare la Cucina The Forest Lodge Camp John Hay Baguio City When In Manila  Mae Ilagan-22

The Forest Lodge Camp John Hay Baguio City When In Manila  Mae Ilagan-11

Rest well and stuff yourself with these sumptuous dishes. When you’re well-rested and already full, walk around the city to popular tourist destinations like the Burnham Park and Minesview Park, buy some cheap veggies and pasalubongs in the market, go on a tree top adventure, or check out some art at the Bencab Museum.

panagbenga-festival-2014 (8)

panagbenga-festival-2014 (13)

panagbenga festival frank ruaya mae ilagan-29

It’s also nice to visit Baguio during the celebration of the Flower Festival or Panagbenga. However, expect crowds of people in the city during that time as well.

6. Marvel at (and stay in) a spectacular and one of kind collection.

Some people collect simple things like stamps, coins, pens, or books. Others collect more expensive objects like souvenirs from countries they visited all over the world, art works, or sports cars. One collector has a marvelous collection because he collects houses — old houses with rich stories behind them.

How is this done? It involves a long process of looking for old houses then manually transporting the pieces to Bataan like building a 3D puzzle.

If you go on a short drive from Manila to Bataan, you can witness this spectacular collection of houses at Las Casas Filipina de Acuzar.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (8)

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (1)

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (4)

This huge open-air museum cum hotel neighborhood is also a laid-back place where you can spend the long weekend and bask in the beauty of this antique houses. It has over 50 old houses. Some of these houses were transferred from their old locations to Bataan to preserve them and prevent them from being decimated, while some houses that don’t have salvageable parts were made with replicas. 

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a work-in-progress, with new “hotel” structures being constructed along what they call Estero de Binondo and a heritage church being built, which will be used mainly for weddings.

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