Tree Top Adventure Baguio: Experiencing the Thrill on the Mountain Side

Tree Top Adventure Baguio: Experiencing the Thrill on the Mountain Side

When in Manila, you know what? I’ve been to Baguio City numerous times now, but going there feels like a routine every time I go.

I love its cold weather and the surrounding tall pine trees, though, and I guess that’s the only reason why I keep on going back there. I fell in love with its alluring beauty a very long time ago, but when I visit some of its common tourist spots again, they no longer trigger that old spark of excitement from back in the day.

When I last visited the city during the very first day of the year 2014, however, there was something in the air that made this shivering feeling of excitement come back again.

I never thought that this adventure park inside Camp John Hay – the one that I usually ignore every time my family and I pass by the area – could re-ignite the fire of thrill inside me!

This adventure park is called Tree Top Adventure Baguio. At first, I was expecting this place to merely offer the same old, scream-inducing ziplines that perhaps just vary in length and height. But right after I visited the place, I ended up realizing that I had made a big mistake!

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

The Tree Top Adventure Baguio Logo

In fact, inside this adventure zone, there are varieties of exciting activities to choose from. If height is your greatest fear, then this is the place to face it.

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Don’t worry, Tree Top Adventure Baguio always ensure that you are 100% protected and safe. Before doing any rides, a briefing about safety precautions will be initiated. Safety gears like hard hats and harnesses will be provided too.


However, if you feel you’re still young and high-spirited enough to challenge yourself, then feel free to try some of their fast-moving, drop-me-from-the-tree-top rides. For sure, this heart-pounding, air-gliding experience will give you that gushing, adrenaline rush you’ve been longing for.

Some of the visitor’s favorites are the ‘Superman’ and the ‘Silver Surfer’. The Superman is a 2-minute long cable that measures 200 meters long and 150 feet high. Usually done with a partner, you will fly backwards first and then will forward after. On the other hand, the ‘Silver Surfer’ is done differently. Basically, you and your partner will stand on a secured ledge facing each other while holding to a bar. With the speed of approximately 6 meters per second, you’ll be both swinging in the air for 2-3 minutes. Sounds exciting, eh?

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

The Silver Surfer ride

If you are looking for other activities that will ensure that every member of your family will have fun, as well, you can also try out some slower-moving rides instead. Though it’s not going to be as heart-pumping as you move, this type of activity will let everyone enjoy overlooking on Baguio City‘s captivating broad horizon even better!

Some of the rides that we tried were the ‘Canopy Ride’ and ‘Funicular’. The Canopy Ride is very similar to a cable car experience; however, in this case,  you’ll be sitting on a chair while being suspended in the air for 30 minutes up to an hour. There are 8 connecting stations where you need to transfer seats and the Funicular is one of the connecting rides to get to the other station. The Funicular is a 30-meter ride very similar to a tram that goes up and down the hill. The good thing, you’ll be comfortably sitting until you reach the next station.


Tree Top Adventure Baguio

The Canopy Ride has a cable line that’s approximately 800 meters long and a height that vary from 20 feet to 100 feet above the ground


The Tree Top Adventure Baguio

The view from above while riding the Canopy Ride

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Look how happy my little brother is while enjoying the Canopy Ride


Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Peeking on the magnificent highlands of the city


Tree Top Adventure Baguio

The view of Baguio City‘s amazing horizon from a 1000-feet high-view Skywalk

The Tree Top Adventure Baguio  has been sharing the thrill of the mountain side since November 2010, but not everybody actually knows how awesome this place is yet.

For additional information, here are the packages that they offer:

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

When in Manila, I have a pretty good idea of what people’s favorite spots are in Baguio City, but the next time you set foot there again, why not add some thin slices of adventure to your trip? Visit the Tree Top Adventure Baguio inside Camp John Hay and turn your visit into an unforgettably ‘wild’ one.

Tree Top Adventure Baguio


Special Economic Zone, Camp John Hay (Beside Bell House Museum), Loakan Road, Baguio City 

Tel. No. (074) 442-0800 

Mobile Nos. 0932 744 9594, 0932 783 2137 





Tree Top Adventure Baguio: Experiencing the Thrill on the Mountain Side


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