Looking For A Relaxing and Affordable Weekend Getaway? Visit Corregidor!!


When in Manila and would like to detach yourself from the stresses of city life or looking for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other without doing serious damage on your pocket? Let us recommend a place where you can once again re-connect with nature and find that piece of peace which you deserve!


Brace yourself as we take you to the historical island of  CORREGIDOR!!



another journey awaits!



For busy yuppies like us, I know that deep down in you lies a yearning for some peace and quiet. A yearning to re-connect with our inner selves and gain back that strength to keep us going in our respective journeys.  It is actually my 3rd time in Corregidor, and this time, it is indeed an honor to write about the whole experience for Wheninmanila.com because honestly, it is one of my all-time favorite vacation spots!



we all need to detach from this concrete jungle once in a while



For this feature, we will not delve into historical facts and details for we¬† don’t intend to make it into a sort of boring history lecture but instead, allow us to take you there with our photos and let them do all the talking as always! =)



For only 2, 599php /person you get to experience¬† these….



Roundtrip ferry transfers (plus shrine, entrance and terminal fees)


Check in at 7:00am at the CCP Bay Terminal



this service then came and took us to the pier… ETD is around 8:00am



the ferry ride takes about 1.5hrs 

it’s so nice to see many Filipino tourists as well!




Guided Island Tour (9:30-2pm)


all aboard lads and lasses!!!!



pay additional 150php to watch the Malinta Lights and Sound Tour (optional)



inside the Malinta Tunnel



my partner in crime Frank




Frank at the Battery Way




ruins of the Middle Side Barracks




Pacific War Memorial




with our tour guide Sir Jose Baja at the museum




flatwares and dinnerwares from WW2




the Light House



there are souvenir shops around the Light House




You also get 1 buffet lunch!



upon arrival at the Aplaya Restaurant, expect a very warm welcome along with a refreshing drink!



They usually serve 1 pork, chicken, veggie and pasta dish. They also have a soup, salad and dessert station





our simple meal…




….. made special with a spectacular view!!




 Overnight accomodation at  Corregidor Inn!


The Corregidor Inn offers very decent rooms to stay in.



our room was  quite simple cozy

The  Corregidor Inn may have aged throughout the years, but I may say they are still able to maintain it well.




And for only an additional fee of 150php, you get to join all the other activities such as…




The Sunset and Sunrise Viewing at the Battery Grubs (sunset) and Pacific War Memorial (sunrise)





Malinta Lateral Tunnel Tour

ghost hunting!!!




are you ready?




Other activities…


When I say detach, I really mean literally detaching¬† from all distractions! Since it is an island, I really love the idea that I am physically away from Manila. Also, I love the fact that they have no wi-fi there so people can also detach from the world wide web even just for a few days. I’m sure you’d agree that the internet can also cause so much stress!!¬† Corregidor gives you this opportunity to relax, meditate and just be yourself! =)



Rock Balancing



Zip Line (150php)





The simple things worth appreciating…..



the feel of the water as it touches your feet is just so relaxing




i love the silence and the serenity which the place provides me




even the simplest of meals become special when shared with the right people






it was a very  pleasant breakfast




We also got to meet the Island Manager Sir Ed Batalia! He told us so many interesting stories about the place!




another reason why I love the place so much is because the people there are sooooo nice!!! Seriously! Every person carry stories with them that are worth hearing!



I remember pondering on one question in my head during the trip.. “Why do I keep on going back to Corregidor?”¬† Perhaps, it is due to the total detachment from the concrete jungle of Manila. It is one of the few places which I get to enjoy a good night sleep. I feel at peace here. There is a certain energy which the place enfolds me with.¬† I love how this place enables me to clear my head and¬† think more creatively. I believe this is the best reward I can give to myself. =)



So when in Manila, give yourself a break! Detach yourself  from worldly worries and book yourself a trip to Corregidor!



and like the famous words uttered by General Douglas McArhur….. yes Corregidor, I SHALL RETURN!!¬†




Sun Cruises

21st  FloorTimesPlazaBuilding
United Nations corner Taft  Avenues
Ermita, Manila, 1000 Philippines

click here to book a trip now!!!!


Join their official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/corregidor.philippines


Special Thanks to Ma’am Kristine Castro, Sir Ed Batalia, Sir Jose Baja and to all the wonder people in the island!





Thank You Frank Ruaya for these stunning shots and for always making each trip

very memorable!




Looking For A Relaxing and Affordable Weekend Getaway? Visit Corregidor!!

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