YUKA’s Debut “Baby You” Goes Viral With 2 Billion Views In Southeast Asia!

The world is taking notice of the exceptional talent of Japanese singers, and YUKA is no exception. With her debut single “Baby You,” she has taken Southeast Asia by storm, amassing a massive following on social media and music streaming services.

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Photo by: Nippon Columbia

YUKA’s “Baby You” began trending among artists and influencers overseas at the end of March. Soon after, TikTok users in Southeast Asia started using the song for their videos, and it quickly became a hit in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea. The song mutated into a viral trend, making it to Spotify’s top 10 on viral charts in six countries and ranked #1 in Tik Tok song ranking in Indonesia and top 10 in other Asian countries.

As of April 27, YUKA’s debut single also made it to the Spotify Global Viral Songs Top 50. Such a remarkable achievement for a newcomer Japanese artist to be included in the Global Ranking. The total number of posts on TikTok has exceeded 700,000 domestically and internationally, with the song accumulating over 2 billion views on social media. The number of streams on music streaming services has also exceeded 15 million worldwide

YUKA’s music video for “Baby You” on YouTube has amassed a significant number of views. Listen to it below:

UKA’s debut single, “Baby You,” has undoubtedly caught the attention of the world, and it is clear that her talents are limitless. Fans worldwide eagerly await her future releases and performances, and it is safe to say that YUKA is a rising star in the Japanese music industry.