Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is Finally Open in the Philippines

When someone invites you to have steak, YOU HAVE STEAK.

Especially if the invitation involves steak at a restaurant that hasn’t even been opened to the public yet.

When I was told that we were invited to try out Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, set to be opened to the public today – February 19, 2016 – I dropped all of my plans for the night just to be there… and I regret absolutely nothing!

Rated as one of the best steakhouses in New York with nine branches across the United States, one in Seoul and three (soon to be four) in japan, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse already had quite a reputation in my mind, not to mention all of the rave reviews my friends had already given the place before I had even known they were opening here. Well, finally… FINALLY… Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is opening its doors to the Philippines. Where? At Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila. It is definitely one of those steakhouses you shouldn’t miss.

Truth be told, the restaurant was still boarded up when we entered, so I actually have no idea what the restaurant will look like yet, but this is what it looked like when we went inside the other night:

Wolfgang's Steakhouse interiors 2

The original Wolfgang’s Steakhouse started in the dining room of The Vanderbilt Hotel, which was built in 1912.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse interiors 1

In keeping with Wolfgang’s esteemed tradition, the Manila branch incorporates the same design elements of the original location, such as a long mahogany solid wood bar, wooden planked floors, wood wainscoting, alabaster chandeliers and curved ceilings with tile borders.
Wolfgang's Steakhouse red sangria
We started the night with some delicious sangria. Everyone loved the white sangria, but I personally liked the red one better.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse special sauce

Every order at the bar comes with complimentary chips – the thinnest and lightest chips I have ever tasted, by the way – which match perfectly well with their special old-fashioned sauce, of which I wanted to bring home at least ten bottles of.

And then there was dinner…

The Appetizers and Salads

Wolfgang’s lineup of starters, include shrimp and lobster cocktails, fresh oysters on the half shell, and crisp fresh salads that are the perfect preludes to any main course, while its classic side offerings like creamed spinach and German potatoes perfectly complement any meal.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Wolfgang's Salad

If you want a bit of seafood in your salad, order Wolfgang’s Salad.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Beverly Hills Salad

If you want a bit of crunch, on the other hand, the Beverly Hill’s Salad is crisp and fresh and simply screams ‘healthy’!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Tomato and Mozzarella

Tomatoes and Mozzarella for the cheese lovers.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Canadian Bacon

Their Canadian bacon is thick and sizzling and goes well with their old-fashioned sauce, as well (I think anything goes well with that sauce!)


And now we get to the best part: the steak!

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse offers strictly USDA Prime beef, which is dry aged in a special aging room with a controlled temperature and humidity environment for an average of 28 days. Because of this, all of their beef is incredibly tender and flavorful.

Get ready for an explosion of flavors in your mouth (you won’t even need the steak sauce for these babies, though feel free to use it if you want) as you try their USDA Prime New York sirloin and filet mignon, amongst others, all of which have been personally handpicked by the restaurant. Remember: they only use USDA Prime Grade Angus beef for superior marbling, tenderness, flavor and texture.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse Rib-Eye Steak

Like the rest of the beef at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, this Rib-Eye Steak is dry-aged to perfection.
Wolfgang's Steakhouse Porterhouse for Two

This Porterhouse for Two, which is served sizzling hot with a perfectly caramelised crust, can definitely feed more than two people.Wolfgang's Steakhouse Prime Rib

And the one I highly recommend: the unbelievably tender, and juicy Prime Rib.Wolfgang's Steakhouse Grilled Salmon

If you’re not much of a steak person, you can also try their delicious Grilled Salmon, sushi grade tuna, or three-pound lobsters.

Read on for the dessert and more on the restaurant and their steak!

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