These People Watched Avengers: Endgame AT LEAST 3 Times And We Had To Ask Why

No matter what you thought about Avengers: Endgame, you can’t deny that it was the biggest movie event of the year — and maybe even of the past few years. It was the conclusion to ten years and 22 movies so it’s only expected that fans would want to watch it a couple of times.

(‘Avengers: Endgame’ is the perfect love letter to the last 10 years of the MCU)

It turns out quite a lot of people watched it much more than just twice… So we had to wonder, what made them watch it so many times and what did they think about it afterward? Here are some of the answers from our WIM Squad:


I watched this movie 5 times and even if I watched this repeatedly, I had the same feelings and emotions every time. I think of this a tribute, more than a movie— a gift for actors and fans more than a film! This movie is really the culmination of those 22 MCU movies… Not watching it this many times is nonsense!



There are times when rewatching a film, where one notices even the tiniest details they never saw before. That to me is the reason why I watched Avengers: Endgame thrice. I spent more or less already 9 hours of my life on this film and I have no regrets. Each time felt like the first time and still hit me like a truck. Even if I knew what would happen, I was still left in awe. This film is definitely one of the most breathtaking (literally) movies I have ever seen and no matter how many times I rewatch it, it will never lose its “wow” factor.


1st time I watched is for pleasure and excitement, 2nd is for details or better understanding of the movie and because I still cant get over on how epic the movie was.. And lastly for more detailed understanding of the movie and searching for easter eggs.


I watched it 3 times. The first show early in the morning and last show at 10 pm, the same day. I watched it twice on the first day because, in my mind, this movie is a part of history. I want to tell my grandkids someday that I was there, (MCU fangirl) how the lines were so long, people laughed screamed and cried inside the cinema. It was the first movie that I heard people screamed that loud because of the excitement. I watched it the third time the week after. Just to see easter eggs for the upcoming Marvel movies if they left any.


Robert (Managing Editor for UnGeek): 

I watched it 4 times. 1st time because it was a Day 1 thing. 2nd and 3rd due to brand invites. The first time watching it was amazing. Truly the wrap up fans deserved. 2nd time I tried to see more of the details. Saw more of the plot holes and how messy Time Travel as a plot device is. Starting the 2nd time, I already found myself getting tired during Act 2. Act 3 was still a treat to watch but i noticed that, every other time i saw it, less and less people reacted to scenes — probably because it was their nth time seeing it too — so most of the crowd magic actually disappears – the cheering. The WOWs. The Oohs and the Aahs.

For the record, despite my experiences watching it for the 2nd to 4th times. I still think its a great movie. The thoughts on plot holes etc are merely nitpicks. But i understand why they sacrificed a bit of plot logic here and there in exchange for delivering powerful moments for the audience.


Well, I was hoping that Black Widow didn’t die which is impossible to happen though. Hahaha. But the movie amazed me. One decade in the making. I am amazed at how the stories are stitched together from Iron Man 1 to Endgame.



I’ve watched it 4 times […] Anyway, I am asking myself that same question. Why so many times? Well, apart from wanting to understand the movie better, it’s just plain entertaining. On a subconscious level, probably the up-and-down swings in emotions are what brought me in.

I love the battle scenes and the time heist in-between, the story and the characters, even some of the actors in the film. And in the end, it simply comes down to being a fan of the whole series. I enjoyed how they summed it up after several movies leading up to this point. I watched it until I was satisfied that I enjoyed the entire movie, with no distractions and as comfortably as I can.

Dale (@TheLittleBinger):  

Saw it thrice because well: the first was at Globe’s block screening, second time was later that night in IMAX, and third was with a friend. It just gets better each time because I see things that I missed prior. On all events, I still laughed, cheered, and cried.


I watched it 5 times just because it was such an epic movie and I’m also a fan of the comics. There was something special in seeing most of my favorite heroes assembled on the big screen + moments in the comics that I never thought would happen, like Captain America wielding Mjolnir.

My opinion on the movie is that while it’s not mostly suited towards the film critics, it’s a movie that was created with the sole intention of closing a chapter in the MCU. After having seen it that many times, the emotional moments still hit me hard because I’ve built a connection with these “imaginary” friends, some of whom we won’t see in the MCU anymore after. All in all, it’s a fun movie that still manages to hit the right spots, especially as a fan of the comics. (PS: wish Deadpool was able to make it though)