What People Don’t Understand About Working from Home

Working from home taught me so much about time: managing time, making time for myself, making time for others, setting time for work, setting deadlines, and giving value to time (mine or others).

People think it’s easy to work from home because they imagine just lying in bed and not doing anything, but it’s more than that. Working from home requires you to be responsible enough to actually get up and get work done.

When I started working for When In Manila, I had to push myself everyday and adjust properly.

I was used to having a 9-5 routine; but suddenly, I had to make sure that I finished what I had to at my own pace while following certain deadlines.

Since I started working from home, I have become more mindful of how I spend all my time. The more you disregard time, the more you lose it. Giving value to time made me work better, faster and more efficiently. Time made me a better worker and a better leader. Time taught me discipline and hard work. I’ve been with WIM for more than five years now, and the biggest lesson I learned is the value of time.

Time also gave me this career. After countless jobs within 10 years, time led me to WIM in perfect timing. And now, I owe my little success to that.

Working from home isn’t all glitz and glamour. Every time I talk to other people, they always tell me ‘sarap sa bahay lang’ as if we don’t actually work. If you stay at home, how can you push yourself to wake up and get work done?

There are so many days wherein I don’t feel like getting up and wherein I just want to reschedule meetings, avoid replying to emails, and not do work until the following day. However, I learned to manage my time and never let work pile up. You shouldn’t let distractions get to you, like sleeping, Netflix, eating, or just going out and totally forgetting about work.

What I love about working from home, though, is not waking up to early to avoid traffic.

This is also the reason why I am all for the law that allows people to work from home at least once a week. It gives people the chance not to waste time in traffic and actually get more work done.

What about you? What do you think about working from home?