What is an Air Purifier? Here’s Why It’s Worth Investing on Air Purifiers for Your Home

You might be hearing a lot about air purifiers, especially now more than ever. But have you ever wondered what it actually is? To those not familiar, air purifiers are devices that clean the air, and are usually used indoors like in homes and establishments. It rids the air of harmful elements, pollutants, and particulate matter. Particulate matter (PM) are solid particles or liquid droplets that are in the air, but can be extremely small they can’t be seen. Most air purifiers can also kill bacteria and viruses thanks to their powerful filtering systems.

And no, air purifiers are not the same as humidifiers. Humidifiers simply expel mist to add moisture in the air to avoid dry air in your home, commonly caused by cold weather or air-conditioning. On the other hand, air purifiers purify the air, as its name suggests.

LIFAair LA300 Smart Air PurifierImage: LIFAair

But are they actually effective? Are they worth it?

Yes. Studies have proven this. The effectiveness of air purifiers is backed by science and data. Here’s an example — in a study published in the US’ National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), they measured the efficacy of air purifiers within a six-month period, testing the particulate matter (PM) and allergens in living rooms and bedrooms. The result after the six-month period revealed that the filters in the air purifiers were able to filter 70% – 95% of particles. The study states, “The air cleaners in this study clearly showed the capacity to capture substantial amounts of airborne dust particles and airborne allergens.”

In another study, they observed the effectiveness of air purifiers in households with children with asthma. Those households had high concentrations of particulate matter (PM). After monitoring, PM in the children’s bedroom decreased by 50%, suggesting that PM levels can be “dramatically reduced” using air purifiers.

But how do I know if a purifier is authentic and will actually work?

You look for a brand that is recognized by organizations that hold a standard for air purifiers, or brands that have received awards from acclaimed institutions. You can also never go wrong with going for a brand that is known internationally for their products.

Here in the Philippines, one trusted source for getting your first air purifier (or second and third) is Banbros Commercial, Inc. They are an official distributor of LIFAair, a Finland-based company focused on creating products that improve indoor air quality. Their line of air purifiers is used worldwide, with their Smart Air Purifier even receiving an award from the international IF Design Awards in 2017.

And now that technology and air quality is within reach for Filipinos families, too.

Below are some of LIFAair’s best selling products here in the Philippines — home air purifiers, car air purifiers, and their respirator masks.

Home Air Purifiers

LA500v Smart Air Purifier

LIFAair LA500V Smart Air PurifierImage: LIFAair

A powerful purifier in their household line and the one that has won awards, the LA500V Smart Air Purifier would be the best choice for any family or individual looking for their first air purifier. This one uses a combination of both a HEPA13 filter (which traps harmful particles in the air including tobacco smoke) and Activated Carbon Filter (which can rid air of hazardous contaminants), so imagine the capacity on this one when you have the power of these two filters. The LA500V can clean your air at a coverage of 99.99%.

It also comes with a real-time controller, its Smart Command Unit, which can monitor the PM and carbon dioxide in the air, while also reading room temperature and humidity.

Additional specifications:

  • Cleans area space of up to 72 sqm to 150 sqm
  • Purifies area within 18 minutes
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR): 600 cubic meter per hour
  • Touch control
  • Quiet, low noise
  • Has Purifying Power at PM 2.5e

LA350A Smart Air Purifier

LIFAair LA350 Smart Air Purifier
Image: LIFAair

The LIFAair 350A Smart Air Purifier is just as effective, but more space-saving. As it’s more compact, it’s ideal for homes with smaller spaces or bedrooms. Like the LA500V, it uses the combination of two filters, but with HEPA12 instead and of Activated Carbon Filter. It also comes with a Smart Command Unit — the wireless controller that helps you monitor the air in your home.

Additional specifications:

  • Cleans area space of up to 39 sqm to 80 sqm
  • Purifies area within 20 minutes
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR): 330 cubic meter per hour
  • Touch control
  • Quiet, low noise operation
  • Coverage at 99.99%
  • Has Purifying Power at PM 2.5e

LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier

LIFAair LAF200 Fresh Air System Purifier
Image: LIFAair

If you love fresh outdoor air, then the LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier is for you. This device mainly works by monitoring the carbon dioxide level in your home, and to balance it out, mixes outdoor air with your indoor air all while filtering it, bringing fresh air into your home. It also filters particles and gaseous substances from air that enters the room, regulates air temperature, and acts as an air cleaner. It’s all-in-one.

The LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier features a 3G Filtration system that is a LIFAair patented technology.

Additional specifications:

  • Filtration efficiency of up to 99.4%
  • Filters airborne particles, pollutants, and dust
  • Installed with a medical grade UV germicidal lamp, to prevent bacteria from breeding
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR): 200 cubic meter per hour
  • Covers area up to 32 sqm to 38 sqm

Car Air Purifiers

Because your home is not the only personal indoor space you spend time in, LIFAair also has a line of air purifiers for the car. Two models, the LAC100 and the LAC52, just became available in the Philippines this year. Both feature a nice, sleek design and a fast and effective purification system. LIFAair’s car air purifiers not only filter dust, allergens, and particles in the air — they also absorb gaseous contaminants as well as unpleasant odors, keeping the air in your car clean and fresh.

Below are some additional specifications of the two models:

LAC100 Car Air Purifier

LIFAair LAC100 Car Air Purifier
Image: LIFAair

  • With built-on CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensor. Elevated levels of CO2 in the car will set off an alarm, alerting the driver.
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 100 cubic meter per hour
  • Area coverage of up to 12 sqm
  • Purifies area within 6 minutes

LAC52 Car Air Purifier

LIFAair LAC52 Car Smart Air Purifier
Image: LIFAair

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 50 cubic meter per hour
  • Area coverage of up to 7 sqm
  • Purifies area within 10 minutes

Respirator Masks

Nowadays, a mask is the number one essential you need to have on you when you leave home. LIFAair also has a line of respirators, to filter the air you breathe when you are outside. There are two kinds: the LM99 Respirator (with valve) and the LM991 Respirator (without valve). The presence of the valve is the main difference between the two, whose purpose is to help you exhale more comfortably. The valve helps release the warmth and moisture you breathe out.

LifaAir LM99 Respirator N95 Mask
Image: LIFAair

But both masks offer the same effective use. They can filter up to 2.5 Particulate Matter (PM 2.5), which means they’re of N95 standard. Both masks also help protect you from everyday pollutants, pollen, smog, and allergens, as well finer particles like dust, haze, volcanic ash, droplets, and bacteria.

Design-wise, they’re fit to prevent fogging on your glasses, and come with elastic straps that fit all face shapes.

LifaAir LM991 Respirator N95 MaskImage: LIFAair

Still not sure how to navigate your first purchase of an air purifier? LIFAair has a Viber community, where members can freely ask about the functions of air purifiers and respirators, and inquire about LIFAair products through Banbros. You can join the LifaAir PH Viber Community here.

LIFAair also collaborated with WhenInManila.com and sent their medical grade LM99 and LM991 Respirator masks to WhenInManila.com’s partner hospital and organization at San Juan Medical Hospital and BATA Foundation.

LIFAair Respirator Masks San Juan Medical Center 1Image from our partners at San Juan Medical Center

LIFAair Respirator Masks Bata FoundationImage from our partners at BATA Foundation

Ready to get your first air purifier for your home and car? For more information, visit LIFAair through the links below.

LIFAair Philippines

Website: www.lifa-air.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LIFAair.ph/
Twitter: @LIFAair_PH
Instagram: @lifaair.ph
Viber: http://tiny.cc/LIFAair_PH-Viber
YouTube: LIFAair Philippines

Have you tried using an air purifier? How did you like it? Share your experience in the comments!

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