What Happens When People Find Out You’re A UP Student? This Funny Video Will Show You

Stereotypes aren’t a new thing when it comes to the students of different schools and universities. Some stereotypes are sadly more negative than positive. UP students, for example, are said to be arrogant or ‘mayabang‘. At least that’s what people think.

It has actually become such a huge issue on social media right now. And what happens when such ridiculous issues arise? We make fun of it.

Ennibo Ville is one of those UP students who chose to look at this stereotype in humorous light. His video on UP students being ‘mayabang‘ has been trending all around the internet.

Check it out below:

Pag UP? Mayabang kaagad?

Ennibo shares that he did the video to show how it’s all just a joke to UP students, despite others thinking of it as something negative. Plus, it reflects how UP students can get creative when responding to criticisms. Some even come up with hilarious and witty tweets to respond to the issue.

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It’s such a hot topic right now, and there are surely a lot of ways people can react. But what better way to do it than to have a good laugh out of it?

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