READ: U.P. Students Respond To Bashers Through Funny Tweets

With all the comments pertaining to them as “mayabang” and “malaki ang ulo” lately, the students of the University of the Philippines are handling all the hate they are receiving like true millennials. If you really have no idea what we’re talking about, you can just go on Twitter and keep scrolling because Iskos and Iskas are clapping back to all the bashers through funny tweets instead of taking the messages personally, or better yet read the rest of the article.

The whole thing started when an instructor from the university posted a tweet about how U.P. students should not wear their identification cards and lanyards especially whenever they are outside the school premises as doing so shows arrogance. The post sparked a whole discussion and was followed by a series of tweets that aims to poke fun on the whole thing.

Read some of our favorites tweets below and enjoy.

On a more serious note, isn’t it unfair to brand students as “mayabang” especially if it’s solely based on the university they’re attending?

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