Weekend Reading: 5 Signs Philippines is Emerging Despite the Problems We are Facing Now

Ahhh, it’s Sunday once again.

I love weekends, preferably, Sunday. Although, as a mom of 4, relaxing is elusive. However, weekends are the days my kids wake up late – so, I have a time for myself.(Thank, God!)

Calgon Meme

You know the “Calgon, take me away,” statement? That don’t work here! I need bottles of Coronas or whiskey!

Obviously, the stories about the horrendous laglag-tanim bala scam and other extreme stories about our country are ubiquitous. In fact, the scam was all over the news, here and abroad.  We sometimes think our country won’t change anymore. Sure, we’ve gone through 15 Presidents and nothing has changed. In fact, there are still a good number of informal settlers, corruption is still there; nuisance (the real or the normal) candidates are nonchalant about the crazy happenings in our country.

NAIA wrapped 2

So, netizens decided to make fun of this horrendous issue! Wrap the NAIA personnel in plastic instead!

I know you’re probably wondering, is there any chance for our beloved country to flourish? My answer is yes! There are tangible signs that the Philippines is improving economically, despite these infinite events happening to us.

Here they are:

5. The Healthcare or HMO options are now flexible and affordable

Back in the day, the only way to get a health card or insurance is if you were able to fit it in your budget and/or working for a big company that can get a corporate account for its employees. While other small companies offer it too, not everyone can experience the optimum health care benefits. Admittedly, not everyone can afford to visit a doctor for a check-up.  Even more, self-medication has been the perennial concern of every Filipino household.

Luckily, our Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOS are now more flexible and affordable. Their packages are extended to different kinds of demographics (even freelancers, yay!).

Philcare Health CardOne of the HMOs I love is PhilCare. They offer online “shopping” services, wherein you can shop for a suitable health card for you and your family. Since we don’t have chronic diseases (God-forbid) such as Hypertension, Diabetes, and alike, we just opted for a health card for emergency use only. I was able to use this when my son (and I) had dengue. As you can see, I purchased it for P1, 300 only, which is the same amount of other stuff we buy online.

Ultimately, just like what Thomas Fuller, an English historian, said:, “health is not valued until sickness comes.” Therefore, let’s do our part as well by acquiring a healthy lifestyle.

4. The transportation options are getting better

Before, we only had Light Railway Transit (LRT), Jeepneys, Buses, and the usual cabs as means of transportation. Now, we have MRT (although, packed as usual) Uber, Grab Taxi, Easy Taxi, Grab Car, and more!

These smart initiatives are being embraced by us, Filipinos. Not because of the long lines and maniacal drivers out there, but because we want a more convenient commuting experience. Isn’t this a good sign that the Philippines is now open-minded?

3. Internet speed? We are getting there!

As we become a web-centric country, having a faster internet speed and a strong Wi-Fi signal is a MUST. Although, we have limited choices, we are getting there! In fact, PLDT Home Fibr now offers the fastest internet connection up to 1 Gbps. I know we should’ve been running on fiber-optic cables a long time ago, at least, we are not going backwards! Hopefully, you can cater to all locations, soon!

Work at home mom

As a digital and work at home mom, internet speed is crucial to my work. Without it, my whole life will be compromised! On the lighter note, this is what my typical morning looks like. 🙂

2. We are the experts in the outsourcing, hospitality, and other industries

The BPO industry continues to blossom every year. In 2011 alone, this industry has acquired 400,000 employees and counting. The hospitality industry, on the other hand, shows progress as well. Many hotels are emerging and being built here and there. In fact, this year alone, 2 new hotels were opened in Manila (Novotel and Ascott). Notwithstanding, the grand opening of hotels found at the City Of Dreams: Nobu, Hyatt, and The Crown.

1. We are now wiser in terms of choosing our future leaders.

The main reason why our country is emerging, it’s because of us – we are now wiser in terms of choosing our leaders. According to the latest survey done by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, it clearly shows, that this coming election, we would like someone strong enough to at least minimize the corruption in the Philippines.



Source: PUP Facebook Page

Over To You

I don’t know about you, but I’m always busy, regardless. However, what’s certain is I find a day, which I can find solidarity. Ideally, Sunday is the best to catch up on my breathing (LOL) before I start with the crazy week again. So, today, let’s think things over and be thankful that our country remains resilient amidst hardships and unfortunate events.

“The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil.” – Thomas Edison

Are you with me? Do you believe that our country is resilient? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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