LOOK: Hilarious “Solution” to Prevent Laglag-Bala Scam: Wrap the NAIA Personnel in Plastic Instead!

The laglag/tanim-bala scam has emerged into a global issue. In fact, other countries such as US, Japan, and Korea, are constantly talking about this horrendous incident.

But, because Filipinos are jolly by nature, we can still joke around despite everything!

Circulating on social media is a photo of an alleged “solution” to prevent the laglag/tanim-bala scam: A NAIA personnel wrapped in plastic! 

NAIA personnel wrapped

Source: So What News

Apparently, this funny, yet brilliant idea is a joke. However, I think this could be the best solution to prevent the said scam, as it disables the NAIA personnel to move and talk to the passengers. This way, we, travelers, are assured that extortion and bullet-planting attempts will no longer happen!

Although, their entire body will be wrapped with biodegradable plastic, I’m pretty sure that special holes for breathing and ventilation are provided for the well-being of all personnel.

NAIA wrapped 2

Isn’t that a good idea, though? What can you say about this hysterically funny solution? Share your thoughts below!