Watch These 5 Foreigners Rap in Tagalog

Tagalog seems to be taking the world by storm. More and more foreigners are blowing Pinoys away with their ability to speak and appreciate the Philippines’ national language, and this compilation of foreigners rapping in Tagalog is proof of that!


Watch These 5 Foreigners Rap in Tagalog


5. Jake Way from America

Originally from California, Washington-based Jake Way began working as a linguist for the US Marines after high school, where he learned Tagalog through an intense language program at the Defense Language Institute.

He’s proof that you can learn Tagalog by the books! Here he raps Elmer, by Gloc-9, with his talented singer-friend, Susy Sun.

4. Sean Lawrence (aka Sino Blitz) from America

Sino Blitz takes a break from rapping original songs in Spanish to try the Tagalog song Bebot by The Black Eyed Peas. In the past, he has lived in Cebu City for a year and a half, where he was a DJ on 103.5 Kiss FM! His enthusiasm and hand gestures add flavour to the expressive video where he keeps up to the speed perfectly.

3. Anna Rabtsun from Russia

Paired up with American “Foreignoy” (a foreigner who is Pinoy-at-heart, coined by Eat Bulaga) Jeff James, Anna Rabtsun raps seamlessly to Sirena by Gloc-9. Anna loves to sing Tagalog songs, but once she heard Sirena on the radio, she was determined to learn the rap. She practiced for two weeks to perfect the song.

2. Bailey Clinton from Canada

Bailey is a weird Pusong-Manilenya Canadian student who likes to speak to herself out loud in Tagalog when she’s alone in her house. She also walks up to OFW strangers and forces herself to make Tagalog conversations with them, by any means necessary, all for the sake of maintaining her Tagalog fluency in Canada. She is so weird. Here, she raps and sings Ron Henley and Bea Valera’s Langit.

1. Dwaine Woolley from Australia

One of the big stars of Eat Bulaga’s 2015 cycle of You’re My Foreignoy (alongside Jeff James, mentioned above), Dwaine Woolley served as a Mormon missionary in Leyte and Samar. During his assignment, he learned to speak Bisaya, Waray-Waray and Tagalog fluently; a triple-whammy! He is currently still in the Philippines, enjoying showbiz and the love and support of his many fans.

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