10 Amazing Non-Filipino Performers Who Have Performed Filipino Songs

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) is a beloved treasure to the Philippines. Over the years, OPM has even managed to capture the hearts of some very talented (and internationally famous) non-Filipino performers across the globe. Here are 10 amazing non-Filipino performers who have recorded and/or performed Filipino songs.


10 Amazing Non-Filipino Performers Who Have Performed Filipino Songs 


10. Brian McKnight – So Sorry (Tagalog Version) (Brian McKnight, Martin Nievera)


Non Filipino Performers Tagalog Song(Photo courtesy of 947thewave.cbslocal.com)

Brian McKnight, American R&B singer-songwriter, released his song So Sorry in 2003, and it was followed by the release of the song’s Tagalog version. It has been said that he overheard his buddy Martin Nievera singing in Tagalog one day, and decided he wanted to, as well.

9. UchuSentai:Noiz – Liwanag Sa Dilim (Rivermaya)

 Non Filipino Performers Tagalog Song

Japanese indie-rock band UchuSentai:Noiz is known in the Philippines for their activity in the country (humanitarian work, for example) and also for their covers of Rivermaya’s Liwanag sa Dilim, Kamikazee’s Narda, Rocksteddy’s Superhero and Orange and Lemons’ Pinoy Ako.

8. A-Prince – Na Sa’yo Na Ang Lahat (Daniel Padilla)

 A-Prince_Promo_Image(Photo courtesy of Hellokpop.com)

The 5-member Korean boyband A-Prince of New Planet Entertainment recorded their own version of Daniel Padilla’s Na Sa’yo Na Ang Lahat and released it in 2014 with an accompanying music video.

7. Nat King Cole – Dahil Sa’yo (Miguel Velarde, Jr.)

 wttw_1345218451(Photo courtesy of WTTW Chicago)

The late Nat King Cole, an American jazz legend from Alabama, performed this classic Filipino love song which was originally recorded in 1938.

6. Sandara Park – Sabi Ko Na Nga Ba (Sheryl Cruz), Dadalhin (Regine Velasquez)



Who doesn’t love Ate Sandy? Korean popstar and Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas, Sandara Park, has performed many Filipino songs throughout her career, including some of her own contributions to OPM. Her international fame had humble beginnings in the Philippines performing covers of classic Filipino songs such as Sabi Ko Na Nga Ba and Dadalhin in the early 2000s.