WATCH: Man Steals Phone at a Computer Shop

WATCH Man Steals Phone at a Computer Shop


Pickpockets often look for people who are distracted with whatever they’re doing, that they fail to notice someone is taking their valuables. Usually, pickpockets favor busy places like shopping malls and computer shops.

In computer shops, players are so busy with their games that they become unaware of what’s happening in their surroundings. It turns out that shop attendants can fall victim to those with bad intentions.

Take for example this case that was recorded on CCTV. A man pretending to be a customer at a computer shop in Paco printed documents. While the attendant was busy printing the files, the thief was also busy checking out the items at the counter. When he saw the cellphone, he was seen looking around the shop, and then at the camera installed.

He found his chance when he decided to have some documents edited, and that’s when he grabbed the cellphone.

The man still paid for his printing and took his flash drive. The only time the attendant realized his cellphone was missing was when the customer left. The incident happened in 10 minutes.

According to the attendant, “Bahala na po siya sa gagawin niya, basta matakot lang siya sa karma.” (“He can do whatever he wants, he just needs to be afraid of karma.


Watch the video below:

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