WATCH: This Filipino-Made Short Animated Film was Inspired by Studio Ghibli

Who doesn’t love Studio Ghibli?

Even before the Ghibli movies came to Netflix, many Filipinos had already fallen in love with the animation and the storylines of these unforgettable Japanese animated movies. However, have you ever seen anything similar done by a Filipino?

Julian Bacani, a self-taught illustrator and animator, usually focuses on the local culture of the Philippines when it comes to the themes of his work. “I started to make an animated film when I first watched the films of Studio Ghibli,” Julian shares. “That really ignited my dream of becoming an animator. The art style was heavily influenced by the works of Studio Ghibli.”

His recent short film ‘Dahon’ is about the reflection and last message of a leaf on its journey to its final resting place. The film was inspired by Filipino poetry and Julian’s appreciation of the beauty of nature, reflecting on embracing it and the acceptance that all must come to an end.

Watch the short film here:

Julian shares that his goal is to make a high quality and relatable film. “Anyone who is after both can get it by watching my film,” he points out. “I’m hoping to inspire people, especially Filipinos, to embrace the beauty of our own culture, language, and nature.

” Check out more of his work in his social media accounts:

Julian Bacani

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jujuartspage

Instagram: @juju__arts

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jujuarts

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