WATCH: A Couple Gets Attacked by a Taxi Driver in the Philippines

Although this isn’t their first time in the Philippines, this seems to be the first time that Mike and Nelly, the couple behind the Making it happen Vlog, have had a bad experience with a taxi driver in Manila – and a really bad one at that.

As per the caption of their YouTube video, the two arrived in Manila from Tokyo and unfortunately got into a terrible situation with a Manila taxi driver. While they usually take a Grab from the airport, they weren’t able to book one this time around and thus decided to take a cab instead.

Unfortunately, just after leaving the taxi, the driver aggressively tried to make them pay a flat rate instead of the metered rate shown in the taxi. Apparently, he even wanted to charge them an extra fee for the luggage. When the driver realized that he was being filmed, he got very aggressive and tried to attack Mike in order to retrieve his phone.

Watch the full video here:


Have you had any bad taxi experiences lately?

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