WATCH: Americans Respond to #AlDub

WATCH Americans Respond to #AlDub

We can’t deny that #AlDub is now a national phenomenon, but we’re still not sure if it can have a global presence. Sure, Americans have professed their love and obession over the kalyeserye love team, songs have been written about them by locals and foreigners, and even American diplomats have adopted the famous ‘pabebe’ wave. Heck, they have even been featured on BBC!

But we’re curious: how would Americans react to Aldub upon seeing it for the first time? Website Buzzfeed created a video inviting Americans who have never seen the show to watch the first episode, and their reactions were hilarious.

One viewer said, “This show is electric. I don’t know what is going on!” Another said, “I’ve never heard of Eat Beluga,” to which his friend replied, “Unless you’re talking about eating whale.”

They also wondered what “pabebe” meant. One viewer commented on Maine, “Now she’s acting flirty.”

One of the more vocal viewers described Aldub as: “We’re watching an unlikely couple go through the early stages of romance. That awkward phase where it’s ‘How do I communicate? Should I text? No, wait. I’ll send Dubsmash.'” He added, “Say goodbye to your Desperate Housewives, your Parks and Recreation, throw that sh-t out! Eat Bulaga is comin’ to the States.”

Watch the video below:

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